About Us

We are a group of professional golfers and coaches. Our group is associated with golf for over a couple of decades. Some of us are also golf-teaching pros. Since the inception of our group, many friends have joined us, and more are still joining.


We believe in the principle of helping each other and improving the spirit of golf. Initially, we used to help our friends and family. However, the number of people asking for our views kept increasing.

We receive so many questions about our opinions on different golf equipment. Therefore, we decided to launch a forum to help our community to choose the best golf equipment. At golf vela, we discuss various equipment in detail according to different playing conditions.

It will help you to select the equipment best suited to your needs. Moreover, we have no relation to any manufacturer, which certainly makes our answers unbiased.

Founder – Ale Monti

Ale Monthi Owner of Golfvela

Hi there! I am a golfer and a professional player for years. So, I can clear up many of your misconceptions and give you some real advice regarding golf. I spent a considerable part of my life playing golf, first as a hobby, then as a passion and profession.

As a beginner, it seems like you need a ball, a golf stick, and a golf club or field, and that’s it! But the story doesn’t end here. There is a lot more to it that you don’t know, but I am sure you want to know.

Researching and finding the best golf kits and their technological accessories is my passion. Also, utilizing such tools in my game is still my favorite thing. So, if you are a new and passionate golfer, I am here to guide you with my experience, which I’ve gained over the years.