About Us

We are a group of professional golfers and coaches. Our group is associated with golf for over a couple of decades. Some of us are also golf teaching pros. Since the inception of our group, many friends have joined us, and more are still joining. We believe in the principle of helping each other and improve the spirit of golf.

Initially, we used to help our friends and family. However, the number of people asking for our views kept increasing. We receive so many questions about our opinions on different golf equipment. Therefore, we decided to launch a forum to help our community to choose the best golf equipment. Here, we discuss various equipment in detail according to different playing conditions. It will help you to select the equipment best suited to your needs. Moreover, we have no relation to any manufacturer, which certainly makes our answers unbiased.

Are you frustrated because of marketing material and biased reviews? Are you tired of the sites that offer fake awards to every other product? Here, you will find thoughts and suggestions of our professional golfers. We strive to provide you with in-depth reviews about balls, clubs, markers, tees, and so much more. Our team only acknowledges the high-end quality and performance equipment. All the team members test every piece of equipment to offer you an unbiased and overall review. 

Furthermore, our team has every kind of player. We have low to high handicappers in our growing group, which is why our views are diverse. Also, this diversity makes our reviews beneficial for every kind of player. Either you are a golf beginner or a regular player, you will find our reviews useful and impactful.

Following are our guiding principles.

  • Truth: The truth is our torchbearer. Unlike other websites and forums, we offer you the truth as no one sponsors us. It makes us unique as our reviews are originally the experiences of our golf experts. Hence, we like to present them to you without any hesitation and interest. 
  • The Player Matters: All of our reviews are player-oriented. We believe that the hands that are holding a golf club matter a lot. We orient our reviews to be helpful for a beginner as well as a seasoned player. We include the thoughts of our senior-most members as well as our new friends. 
  • Unbiasedness: We want to offer you the truth for the sake of the game. Therefore, we do not associate with any manufacturer or a golf company. We can proudly say that our team and its views are unbiased and based on the truth.
  •  Data Analysis: We give immense importance to the data. We take repeated measurements to remove any errors and make our analysis accurate. Our experts are proficient in the study of such data to offer precise results.

Alongside reviews, we also publish buying guides and comparisons. You can use our product comparisons and buying guides to choose your club, rangefinder, and many other things. Again, we try to stay unbiased in our comparisons, as we want our community to get the real info.

We will help you choose the best for you and under what conditions you can use. Therefore, don’t waste your time and go ahead and look around for useful tips and reviews. We try our best to offer you updated information and reviews about newly launched products on an almost daily basis. However, we also provide you an option to review specific items that you are interested in buying. All you have to send us a request via our contact form or email to avail of this offer.

Founder ( Ale Monti )

Hi there! I am a golfer and a professional player for years. So, I can clear many of your misconceptions and give you some real advice regarding golf. I spent a considerable part of my life playing golf, first as a hobby, then as a passion and profession. As a beginner, it seems like you need a ball, a golf stick, and a golf club or field, and that’s it! But the story doesn’t end here. There is a lot more to it which you don’t know, but I am sure you want to know.

Ale Monti Founder of golfvela.com

If you want to pursue your golf passion as a profession, you must need real knowledge about it. Which type of stick is best to play on which kind of field? What type of gadgets do you need to outshine your game? Which golf stick and ball is best for which type of weather? You need to know the answers to these and many more questions if you want to be a professional golfer. 

I have been playing golf since my childhood. So, my experiences can be a source of some useful piece of information for golf enthusiasts. I have even played against the world’s best golfers and champs. Obviously, I haven’t won every single match but what I can say is I can share my little experiences. I can help you with the little tricks I have used to strengthen my game and the tips I have learned over this period. 

Not only the tips and tricks but the advanced technological accessories can also help you polish your game. However, making such accessories as your game-winning tools is something you can learn from a pro golfer. I have tested different golf sticks, balls, rangefinders (GPS, laser ones, or hybrid), and other golf tools. Not every product is best for every weather and situation, but I can help you with this. I have played in various fields, various golf courses around the world in different weather conditions. 

Researching and finding the best golf kits and their technological accessories is my passion. Also, utilizing such tools in my game is still my favorite thing. So, if you are a new and passionate golfer, I am here to guide you with my experience, which I’ve gained over the years.