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If you are searching for the best fitness tracker for golf, stick around, you’ll get all the information you might be interested in.

If you are a health-conscious golfer, you should not spend your money buying separate equipment. Instead, you should use the best fitness tracker for golf to experience better gaming and fitness tracking. These devices include up to 40,000 preloaded golf courses and show accurate yardages to the green, doglegs, and hazards. Not only you’ll find them beneficial for golf, but they are also desirable for fitness tracking because they come with a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer, and other fitness-tracking features.

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Finding the best tracker for golf is no doubt a difficult task, but our researchers are well-trained for that. Don’t go into the hassle of researching for long hours. Please look at our list; you will probably find the one that best suits your needs here. 

Best Fitness Tracker Top Picks

Top Rated

Apple watch series 3
  • Screen: 42 Millimeters
  • Item Dimensions: 1.67 x 1.43 x 1.67 inches

Budget Friendly

Tec Tec Tec ULT G
  • Screen: Normal Size
  • Item Dimensions: 5.35 x 4.69 x 4.53 inches

High End

Garmin approach S60
  • Screen: 1.2 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches

When it comes to selecting quality products, we never compromise. All the people eager to get the best fitness tracker for golf can trust the expertise of our researchers. We have selected products with different price ranges. Our list displays high-end to low-price watches to let you choose according to your budget. 

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Apple Watch Series 3 Apple Watch Series 3 Color: Silver Aluminum with White Sport Band
Screen: 42 Millimeters
InterfaceTouchscreen, Dial
Item Dimensions: 1.67 x 1.43 x 1.67 inches
Check Price
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 Color: Silver
Screen: 360 x 360 Super AMOLED
Item Dimensions: 1.57 inches x 1.57 inches x 4.3d-1 inches
Check Price
Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch Color: White/Gold
Screen: Good Screen Protector 
Item Dimensions: 4.05 x 4.05 x 1.24 centimeters
Check Price
Garmin Approach S10, Garmin Approach S10 Color: Black
Screen: 1.2 Inches
Item Dimensions: 4.05 x 4.05 x 1.24 centimeters
Check Price
Garmin 010-01733-00 Fenix 5X Sapphire Garmin 010-01733-00 Fenix 5X Sapphire Color: Black
Screen: 1.2 Inches
Item Dimensions: 2 x 7d-1 x 2 inches
Check Price
Garmin Approach S60 Garmin Approach S60 Color: Black with Silicon
Screen: 1.2 Inches
Item Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches
Check Price
TecTecTec ULT-G TecTecTec ULT-G Color: Black
Screen: Normal Size
Item Dimensions: 5.35 x 4.69 x 4.53 inches
Check Price
Garmin Vivoactive 3 smart watches Garmin vívoactive 3 Color: Granite Blue
Screen: 1.2 inch
Item Dimensions: 1.7 x 5d-1 x 1.7 inches
Check Price
Garmin Approach S20 Garmin Approach S20 Color: Black
Screen: 1.3 inch
Interface0.9 x 0.9(inches)
Item Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.5 x 3.7 inches
Check Price

The budget was not the sole element we focused on when searching for the best fitness tracker for golf. We selected the top-brand devices because such products are made with high-standard materials. It means you can use them for years because all devices enlisted here are durable and sturdy. We want you to play like a pro. That’s why we added the best fitness trackers for golf that consistently provide accurate findings.

1. Apple Watch Series 3 – Top Rated

Apple Watch Series 3 is one Of the best fitness trackers for golf with modern features. It comes with GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity options. It tracks your heart rate continuously and includes an altimeter and digital crown. 

Apple watch series 3

Are you looking for the best golf fitness tracker with longer battery life? Apple Watch Series 3 comes with 18 hours of battery life. So, if you stay out of home longer, it will still work to keep you going. 

The feature that makes it stand out among others is the connectivity options. WiFi and Bluetooth offer wireless connectivity for easier access to different devices. It provides accurate distances from the green and tracks your swing speed. The retina display shows a clearer and crisp view at normal viewing angles. 

Apple Watch Series 3 is a water-resistant device you can’t use for high-velocity water activities like scuba diving or water skiing. But you can wear it while swimming in the ocean or water pool. 

What an incredible fitness tracker it is! Because it keeps you aware of your heart rate by providing notifications of low and high rates. If there is any irregularity in your heart rhythm, it will also notify you. So, a better way to be aware of your current heart rate. 

The 42 millimeters touchscreen provides you with better quick access to the required function. You will find it equally a perfect device for golf because it contains all the features a golfer search for. So, enjoy your favorite game with ease by using this superb device. 


  • Water-resistant.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Better connectivity options. 
  • Stores audiobooks and podcasts.


  • It’s a bit heavier.
  • Doesn’t include a power adapter.

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2. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 -Best Golf Game Tracker

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the best fitness trackers for golf, with built-in pace coaching and a sleep tracker. You’ll automatically be notified when the heart rate is high or low. Its beautiful outlook is eye-catchy. 

Samsung Galaxy watch active

Do you want to buy a fitness tracker for golf that you can quickly wear everywhere? Here is the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 with a distinctive, stylish look that is perfect for wearing anywhere. In every scenario, it will look equally good in the gym, swimming, or bedroom. 

Its lightweight and sleek design makes it an excellent fit for every place, to wear. It is available in robust stainless steel or aluminum casing, giving various bands, faces, and finishes choices. 

By providing Bluetooth connectivity, it helps you to connect to any of your most-liked apps conveniently. It is a GPS watch desirable for enthusiastic golfers who want to buy a fitness tracker. The advanced built-in pace coaching with its super-active sensors tracks your workouts automatically. So, you can speed up your exercise to achieve your fitness goals in less time. 

Interestingly, it informs you whenever your heart rate goes high or gets low. So, you can always check your heart rate with this efficient and best fitness tracker for golf.  

It remains recharged for five days. That is excellent news for all looking for a longer battery life product. If you want to recharge it instantly, connect it with a compatible Galaxy mobile through the power share wirelessly. 


  • Superb design.
  • GPS and Bluetooth.
  • Built-in sleep tracker.
  • It has extended battery life. 
  • It monitors stress levels.


  • The band size is small. 
  • Doesn’t support replies to texts.

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3. Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch -Best Golf Yardage Tracker

If you are searching for a fitness tracker with multiple features, try Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch. It detects stress levels, heart rate, and skin temperature and offers longer battery life. 

Fitbit sense advanced smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch is an incredible device to opt for if you are more eager to track different aspects of your fitness. The EDA Scan app helps you understand how your body responds to stress by detecting electrodermal activity. Moreover, you can search for tools to track the user’s stress level on time. 

Another beneficial feature is its skin temperature sensor that tracks records of your body temperature. It also detects the heart rate, whether it is low or high. 

The built-in GPS helps you use it on the golf course to track the distance to the green. Moreover, this feature makes it a reliable device for monitoring your pace and distance while hiking, running, or riding.  

The Alexa built-in and Google Assistant give you the ease of setting bedtime alarms and alerts. So, you can become punctual by using this fitness tracker for golf. It also provides quick news and helps you control various home devices. You can ask this golf companion for any information to get aware instantly.

Let me astonish you if you are eager to know about its battery life. It offers 6+ days of battery life while it recharges rapidly to keep up with your pace. Only 12 minutes of recharging can keep it working the whole day. 


  • Built-in GPS.
  • 6+ days battery life.
  • Recharges instantly.
  • Includes EDA sensor.
  • Features skin temperature sensor.  


  • The back is not very smooth.

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4. Garmin Approach S10 – Best Golf and Fitness Watch

Garmin Approach S10 GPS golf watch offers 12 hours of battery life. The high-resolution and sunlight-readable display shows accurate findings of yardage to the front, middle, and back of the hole.

Garmin Approach S10

Garmin Approach S10 GPS golf watch is one of the best fitness trackers for golf that is lightweight, compact, and comfortable. It is not only simple but effortless to use. The high-resolution screen is visible even in bright sunlight. It is equally suitable for both if you’re buying it for fitness tracking or for hitting the right shots on the golf course. 

This best golf GPS watch and fitness tracker helps you to be perfect in your game by showing accurate yardages. You can get information about the front, back, and middle yardages to the green. It also informs you of the hazards and doglegs to make your performance outclass.  

It comes with preloaded 41,000 golf courses from across the globe. Completing one course and going to the next tee box automatically transits to another hole.

It accurately tracks your heart rate, so you can call it the best fitness tracker for golf. It also features the free Garmin Golf app to seamlessly help golfers play weekly tournaments and leaderboards. 

In GPS mode, the battery lasts for up to 12 hours. So, you can use it without any issue of frequent charging. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Sleek and lightweight.
  • High-resolution display.
  • 41,000 preloaded courses.
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life.


  • Lacks Bluetooth.

5. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire – Best Golf Tracker

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is a fantastic GPS golf watch with a high-resolution display. It gives smart notifications to connect you with friends even when busy. The longer battery life adds more meaning to its overall performance.

Garmin 010-01733-00 fenix 5x sapphire

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is a multisport GPS watch combining outstanding features with tremendous performance. It is a perfect fit for outdoor activities and works as a training companion in different scenarios. Fenix 5X looks stunning due to its superb design. The stainless steel bezel, rear case, and useful buttons complete the overall look of this fantastic watch. 

This best fitness tracker for golf includes GPS and GLONASS satellite reception. With these features, it becomes an ideal device in demanding environments.  

Garmin Chroma Display is bright and vivid and comes with high-resolution LED backlighting, making it easily readable. If the light is dim or you are moving outdoors in harsh daylight, the display would be equally clear to read. That’s the transflective technology capable of transmitting and reflecting light simultaneously. So, you will never complain about a dim or dull screen.

You can easily connect it to other devices due to its WiFi connectivity. It sends your activity uploads to Garmin Connect automatically. Fenix 5X combines advanced features, including activity profiles, modern heart rate technology, and performance metrics. These features help a lot to get you aware of the effects of your extensive workout. It provides smart notifications to let you be in touch with your friends even on the go.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Stunning performance.
  • Smartphone compatibility.
  • Contains 16 GB of memory.
  • Provides smart notifications. 


  • A bit bulky.
  • Lacks preloaded courses.

6. Garmin Approach S60 – Best Fitness Wearable

Garmin Approach S60 GPS Golf Watch packs what a golfer wants in his watch. It is preloaded with 40,000 courses and provides perfect findings related to the green. It tracks your steps to show how much you are getting faster in your workout. 

Garmin approach S60

Garmin Approach S60 is a phenomenal GPS golf watch that can help you lay like a pro. That’s why it offers crisp, clear images on the 1.2 inches touchscreen. The display is easily visible even when the sunlight is too bright. It provides all the essential information about the golf course to let you play smoothly.

Garmin Approach S60 shows colorful course maps that look good to the eyes and give precise findings. The watch’s overall sturdy construction can withstand any situation on or off the golf course. The polymer or ceramic bezels give this useful device more strength and a classy look. 

You can conveniently change the QuickFit bands to suit your style. There would be no need for any tool when changing the bands. So, change the bands easily and play golf with style.

The GPS detects your location and tells you the exact yardage to the green. Regarding fitness tracking, the GPS counts the steps you take. It also shows doglegs and hazards to make you play comfortably. Moreover, it has preloaded 40,000 golf courses from all over the world. 

It will never bother you by recharging it over and over. Its battery life is ten days in watch mode, while in golf mode, the battery life becomes 10 hours.


  • Longer battery life.
  • Brilliant performance.
  • Robust construction.
  • Convenient Quick Fit bands.
  • Shows colorful course maps.  


  • Pricey.
  • Doesn’t monitor heart rate.

7. TecTecTec ULT-G – Most Comfortable

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch is a superb device with 38,000 preloaded golf courses. It is lightweight, simple, and easy to use. The navigation of functions is more straightforward with the available four buttons, and it is dust and water-resistant also.

Tec Tec Tec ULT G

Are you irritated by your previous watch, overburdened with extra features you never needed? Here is the TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch with all features that make your gameplay easier. But it doesn’t include the ones which are never used.

This durable device is easy to use and convenient to work with. It brings more ease to your game by providing essential information related to the course. You can navigate the screen using the four buttons on its sides. The exciting thing is that, as you get done with setting it up, press a button and get connected with the satellite. At connecting, it starts showing the essential information related to the course.

What you get using it is the correct distances to the green from the front, back, and middle. It shows the distances to the hazards and of your shots also. Furthermore, it offers 38,000 courses from all over the world to bring convenience to your gameplay. It also works as a regular watch, so get punctual using this fantastic watch.

This best fitness tracker for golf is durable and reliable. Don’t be worried if you have to use it in damp weather because it is water and dust-resistant.  


  • Durable design.
  • Longer battery life.
  • One-year warranty.
  • 38,000 courses are available.
  • Provides accurate distances to the green.


  • Time doesn’t appear in GPS mode.
  • The battery charger is not performing well.

8. Garmin vivoactive 3 – Best Activity Tracker with GPS

Enjoy fitness tracking and your favorite game using the Garmin vívoactive 3 Music GPS Smartwatch. It comes with a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and GPS. You can also download music and listen to it by connecting the headphone. 

Garmin Vivoactive 3 smart watch

Garmin vívoactive 3 Music, GPS Smartwatch is a remarkable product that combines different features. With this one, you don’t have to look for your smartphone to listen to songs. You can easily download 500 songs in it and connect the headphones to enjoy that music. 

It is one of the best fitness trackers for golf that monitors your heart rate. A sleep monitor is also available that helps you manage your sleep time. The connectivity options are GPS and Bluetooth, which allow you to connect the desired device with it effortlessly. 

You can use its Garmin Pay contactless payment solution to send payments instantly. So, if you have forgotten your card or cash at home, be relaxed. Conveniently make payments through this efficient watch. 

It comes with 15 preloaded sports apps to make you work out comfortably. These apps include swimming, yoga, strength training, and others, which are super-easy to use. It provides preloaded workouts, but you can also download or create custom ones. 

The display size is 1.2 inches which shows everything clearly. The watch fits perfectly on your wrist and remains in its place, so you’ll feel good wearing it.


  • Attractive design.
  • Great fitness tracker.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Stores up to 500 songs.
  • Includes 15 preloaded sports apps.


  • Average battery life.
  • The heart rate monitor stops working while swimming.

9. Garmin Approach S20 – Best Wrist Fitness Tracker

Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch is a stylish, lightweight, and attractive device with enormous features. You’ll get accurate distances and smart notifications through this best fitness tracker for golf. The wristband comfortably fits every golfer’s wrist. 

Garmin approach s20

If you are concerned about the look of your golf watch, here is a better option for you. Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch is a stylish and eye-catchy device that looks too good on your wrist. 1.3 inches screen shows all the findings brightly and accurately. It is lightweight, so you will never feel overburdened wearing it. 

This watch is the best golf fitness tracker that monitors your sleeping hours. It monitors how much time you spend sleeping. It shows your steps, distance covered, time, and calories burned. 

You’ll be glad to know that it is a remarkable fitness tracker and a suitable device for golf. Garmin Approach S20 provides map updates automatically and comes with 40,000 courses. You can adopt a healthy lifestyle because this watch tracks your workout activities. To make your shot perfect, it also provides distances to the middle, back, and front of the green and hazards. 

Garmin Approach s20 view

This watch includes a Garmin AutoShot round analyzer to measure and record the distance of your shots. Then these measures are available on the Garmin Connect account, which you can review later. 

If you forget your mobile in the car, don’t worry, you can get smart notifications on this fantastic watch. It informs you of incoming calls, emails, messages, etc.


  • Efficient performance.
  • Features sleep tracker.
  • 1.3 inches bright screen.
  • Includes 40,000 courses.
  • Provides smart notifications.


  • Difficult to set.
  • Low battery life.


  • Apple Watch Series 3 is our top pick because of its outstanding performance and superb features. It comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity options. You’ll find it a perfect fitness tracker because it includes a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep monitor. 
  • Garmin Approach S60 is a high-end product that provides all that a fitness-conscious golfer wants. The touchscreen display is sunlight readable and shows course maps colorfully. People looking for longer battery life will love it.
  • If you are searching for the best budget golf fitness tracker, give it try to TecTecTec ULT-G, and it will never disappoint you. It is simple to use, lightweight, and dust and water-resistant. 38,000 courses are available for your convenience. 

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