Best Tacky Golf Grips – June 2022| Top-Rated & Budget-Friendly

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Are you searching for remarkable tacky golf grips for better gaming performance? Then you are perfectly at the right place because we are going to discuss Best Tacky Golf Grips. Golf grips are rare as they do not get much attention, but they play a vital role in your gaming.

Using wrong grips can really affect your gameplay, and as a result, it is harder to score efficiently. It is essential to select the best grip that provides perfect grip, fantastic feel, and confidence because your hands are the only thing that touches the club. Golf is an exciting game that depends upon a golf club.

Several golf clubs are available in the market nowadays but finding the best one is always a challenge. So, you must go for the best tacky golf grips to get maximum performance from your club. If you are not worried about Tacky Golf grips and looking for something with extra benefits then check out the overall best golf grips.

Our Top Picks

Top Rated

Karma velour black golf grip

Karma Velour Midsize Black 

  • Weight: 55 g
  • Dimension: 13 x 6.5 x 3.3 inches

Budget Friendly

Champkey Traction X Golf Grips

Champkey Traction-X

  • Weight: 1.05 Kg
  • Dimension: 12.2 x 10.94 x 2.76 inches

High End

Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grip

Golf Pride CP2 Pro 

  • Weight: 45 g
  • Dimension: 12.2 x 5.12 x 3.39 inches

5 Best Tackiest Golf Grips

Choosing your golf grip is not that easy as it looks. You have to select according to your hand size, weather condition, your swing, etc. We are here to provide all the necessary information to you to save your time. These golf grips are selected based on their manufacturing compound, size, price, how much control a grip can provide, etc.

Best tacky golf grips

The golf grip is of no use if the club slips away from your hands. That’s why we have selected those grips that ensure not only tight grip but efficient performance also. In this article, we have mentioned the best tacky Golf Grips with all their features. By reading these reviews, you can easily choose the best grip for yourself.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Karma Velour Black Golf Grip Karma Velour Midsize Black Color: black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: Midsize
Weight: 55 g
Item Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 x 3.3 inches
Check Price
Champkey Traction-X Golf Grips Champkey Traction-X Color: White/Black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: Standard
Weight: 1.05 Kg Package Weight
Item Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.94 x 2.76 inches
Check Price
Winn DRITAC AVS Golf Grip
Color: Blue/Black
Pack Size: 9
Style/Size: midsize
Weight: 0.45 kg
Item Dimensions: 12.05 x 8.27 x 1.34 inches
Check Price
Geoleap ACE-C Golf Grip
Geoleap ACE-C
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: Standard/midsize
Weight: 48±3g / 63±3g
Item Dimensions: 10.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
Check Price
Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Color: Black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: undersize
Weight: 45 g
Item Dimensions: 12.2 x 5.12 x 3.39 inches
Check Price

1. Karma Velour Midsize Black – High Rated

The Karma Velour Midsize black golf grips are made from a soft rubber compound that gives an incredible feel and lasts longer. Moreover, these grips are very lightweight, weighing just 55 grams. So they will not make your clubs heavy.

Karma velour black golf grip

You need a golf grip that accompanies some artfulness and provides the best gaming experience. Karma Velour Midsize Golf grip Bundle is best for top-of-the-line golf clubs. The bundle of 13 grips has been customized for each club. The high quality of the grips makes them stand out among others. Karma Velour Grips are the best Tacky Golf Grips. Familiar and proven grip patterns and their classic design make them the popular grips in the industry.

Bundled for convenience as each bundle of the grip consists of 13, which are enough to re-grip the set of clubs. There are various sizes available such as junior, midsize + 1/32″, undersized (ladies), standard, and jumbo (+1/16″).

In black/white and black color, there are ribbed versions available for improved alignment. Soft rubber compound gives a comfortable feel in every weather condition and is very easy to clean. 

The rubber feels pretty tacky, flexible, and grippy. Each of these 13 soft rubber grips contains hundreds of small holes for optimized friction. These grips are not forever ones because they do not have any tape or solvent. The Karma Velour grips are high quality and come with an outrageously low price that makes it the best choice if you are a frequent golfer.


  • Classic Design.
  • High-Quality grips.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Comfortable feel and optimized friction grips.


  • No solution or tape.
  • Doesn’t lasts forever.

 2. Champkey Traction-X – Budget Friendly

The most important thing about Champkey Traction-X golf grips is their longevity. They last for a longer time as compared to other grips. Available in different decent colors and a perfect grip for old players having some hand problems.

Champkey Traction X Golf Grips

Finding golf grips can be a challenging task but look at the Champkey Traction-X Golf Grips if you want to use a quality golf grip. These grips are elegantly designed and are very comfortable to grip, especially for the old golf players who have some hand problems. Champkey Golf Grips are made from a proprietary rubber material. This exclusive phenomenal material is used to give a comfortable feel and precise ball hitting.

Champkey Traction-X Golf Grips come with 13 Golf grips, 1 rubber vise clamp, 15 golf tapes, 1 grip blade, and 1 Champkey tape spray. Three kinds of microtextures are used in these golf grips to improve traction and provide good hand control. The traditional taper profile promotes less tension, creates more power throughout the swing, and encourages lighter grip pressure.

Champkey traction-X Golf Grips have various elegant colors, and all come with the same stylish and classic design. It comes in two types that are a studded design and a ribbed design. So you have the option to choose between them according to your choice. One of the important things to notice is its longevity feature. These grips are made from a high-quality rubber material that will last longer than most of the others. Champkey Golf grips are the best Tacky Golf Grips that are ideal for every golfer.


  • Longevity.
  • Elegant colors.
  • Comfortable feel.
  • Precise ball feedback.


  • Feels very spongy.
  • Expensive as compared to Karma Velour Golf Grips.

3. Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE – Best Tacky Grips Review

Winn Dritac AVS Midsize grip is an amazing option for those who have large hands. It is the best choice for players who love an interlock or overlap grip. It has the shock absorption quality that provides comfort. You can use these grips in all conditions with comfort.

Winn dritac avs golf grip

Winn Dritac AVS is one of the leading and popular golf brands that produce the finest accessories. These Golf Grips have the most beautiful and cool design that comes with a ribbed exterior. These golf grips provide amazing grip in wet conditions. And if you are dedicatedly looking for a grip that performs best in wet and humid weather the check out our guide about the best golf grips for humid weather. Winn has a big name in the golf industry because they made high-quality products that do not disappoint the users.

Winn grips offer more traction and perform very well. It is the best choice for all players, including beginners. You will also love the softness and the alignment patterns that help you to align the hands properly. Golfers who have pain in their hands or suffering from arthritis will enjoy the softness of this grip. The increased shock absorption will result in reducing hand pain and tension.

Winn Dritac grips are durable and last longer. These grips come with a ribbed design and soft rubber and are undoubtedly one of the best Tacky Golf Grips. Winn golf grips are slip-resistant because they are made from specialized rubber and are the best option for men and women. For those players who have large hands, the midsize Winn grips will be a wonderful choice for them to choose. You can also find the best solution for your big/large hands by exploring the best golf grips for big hands.

Players who love to prefer overlap or an interlock grip will be happy to go with Winn Dritac AVS golf grips. These grips have a contoured texture pattern that works amazingly for many players.


  • Durable.
  • Soft feel.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Amazing shock absorption.


  • Expensive.
  • No solution spray and tape.

4. Geoleap ACE-C – Best Sticky Golf Grips

Geo Leap ACE-C golf grips provide more traction in the hands and give confidence. This grip offers a different feel on each part. The stylish ribbed design absorbs the moisture inside and provides the best gameplay.

Geoleap ACE C Golf Grip

The Geoleap ACE-C Golf Grip is a hybrid grip made from a mixture of different compounds. Geoleap ACE-C is an ideal golf grip for players who like to have various compounds on the grip. The upper part of the grip is manufactured from natural rubber and high-quality brushed cotton thread, which enhances the anti-slip strength and the swing effect.

ACE-C golf grips provide a softer and comfortable feel. The micro-texture helps in increasing the traction, while texture placement is great for providing maximum hand coverage. The reduced taper helps in encouraging lighter pressure and promotes very little tension in the hands. Also, it provides more power throughout the swing.

The ribbed feature and stylish design of the Geoleap ACE-C golf grip absorb moisture and are a good choice in all weather conditions. High-quality, superior rubber gives high feedback and confidence. It is available in ten different colors in standard and midsize sizes. The unique pattern designed on these grips provides great control.

The exclusive brushed cotton cord of the upper hand wicks away moisture and provides all-weather control. You must choose a golf grip that eases your hands and gives softness if you have arthritis. You can also read a dedicated guide about the best golf grips for arthritis hands. We will recommend you Geoleap ACE-C golf grip because the rib on the back of the grip provides a better hold and helps you perform better.


  • Hybrid grip.
  • Elegant design
  • Large lower hand.
  • Brushed cotton thread technology.


  • No solution and tape.
  • Low shock absorbing power.

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5. Golf Pride CP2 Pro – Most Tackiest

Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips are the most preferable and versatile option. The best feature of this grip is that it has an impressive design that offers great shock absorption. It also has a rubber wrap that provides durability and absorbs moisture. 

Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grip

Golf Pride CP2 Pro golf grips are the most versatile and popular in the market nowadays. It is featuring an oversized design that results in great shock absorption. The beautiful and elegant design of the grip with nice white and red accents appears more eye-catching. The stylish-looking grip looks decent and provides high performance.

Golf Pride CP2 Pro is the all-time favorite grip of most golfers because of its better soft feel and good response. CP2 Pro handles club vibrations very nicely as it has enough tack in it. You will find other grips do not handle vibrations a lot and also lack response, but CP2 Pro provides high-quality performance in all these aspects.

Golf Pride CP2 Grip View

One of the most important things about CP2 Pro is its performance. It has the new reduced taper, which helps make this grip fit in hands and provides the best control throughout the swing. The rubber wrap around the grip helps in absorbing the moisture and makes it more durable.

The shock-absorbing capability makes this grip perfect for older players. The most appealing feature of this grip is its fitting capability. It fits any golf club very easily, which makes it a versatile product. Overall, these golf grips are of exceptionally high quality, providing a very soft and distinctive feel. If you are interested and looking for putter grips then check out the best golf putter grips.


  • Fits perfectly.
  • Incredible design.
  • Better hand control.
  • Moisture absorbing capability.


  • Very expensive.
  • No grip solvent or tape is in the pack.

Best Tacky Golf Grips Buying Guide

Before choosing the best tacky golf grips, make sure it has the following features.


Grips come in four different sizes, which are undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize. It is essential how you choose a golf grip because it affects your swing. For beginners, an oversized grip will be the best choice as it reduces and absorbs the shock. In comparison, the midsize grip is a good choice for old players who have some control and experience.


The material used in these grips is very important. You will have to choose between studded, ribbed, or a smooth design. All these compounds are great, but the studded compound gives more control while the ribbed design offers sweat absorption.


Grips also came in various varieties. Most of them are expensive, and replacing them from time to time wastes your money. The best rubber compound will last for a long time so try to buy the best and inexpensive compound material. We have mentioned some of the best golf grips. These are made from the best material and are affordable to buy.


A grip offers various types of traction, such as ribbed, smooth, and corded options. You will have to test all of them before buying because it depends on your preference.


Here, we are done with discussing the best tacky golf grips. Though all the grips on our list are outstanding, Karma Velour Midsize Black is our top pick golf grips. The 13 piece Golf grip bundle is very cheap to buy. If you don’t afford expensive golf grips, then Karma Velour grips are one of the best options to pick.

Champkey Traction-X golf grips are budget-friendly grips that provide longevity and high traction. The pack of 13 golf grips has a very affordable price. These grips are made from high rubber material providing precise ball feedback.

Golf Pride CP2 Pro is the high-end expensive golf grip with a huge name in the industry. If you can afford these golf grips, you must have to buy them as they take gaming to the next level.