How To Break 80 in Golf

How to break 80 in golf

Do you want to learn how to break 80 in golf? You’re in the right place. In this article, we are focusing on those aspects of the game that, with a little improvement, can bring about a great change.  Every golfer has the potential to break 80, but it is neither too difficult nor too … Read more

Standard vs Midsize Golf Grips

Standard Vs Mid Size Grips

The main difference between standard-size golf grips and mid-size golf grips is the suitability as per the size of your hands. The standard size grips are ideal for experienced and old golfers, and mid-size golf grips are suitable for golfers with arthritis and hand pain. If you wear medium or large-sized gloves, standard grips are … Read more

How to Break 90 in Golf | Tips for Beating at course

How to break 90 in golf

With the advent of modern golf equipment and techniques, you can become a pro in less time than before. But if still, you have a query in mind about how to break 90 in golf, let us define it. Golf is a demanding game, so you have to put all your efforts into achieving real … Read more

How To Clean Golf Grips? What to Use for Cleaning?

How to clean golf grips

Try to maintain and clean golf grips regularly because it keeps them safe and makes them last longer. It will save you money on changing unnecessary grip. Cleaning your grips will also help you play and win most games. All senior golfers’ grips are as necessary as their other equipment. Maybe you do not understand … Read more

How Long Does a Round of Golf Take

Whether you’re a novice golfer or you have been on the pitch for a long time, you must be wondering how long a round of golf takes. The answer to this question is quite complicated because some factors are involved in it. Approximately it takes 4 hours to complete an 18-holes game, but some factors … Read more

How to Become a Golf Pro

A golf professional is a person who teaches other golfers or plays golf himself for his bread and butter. The golf pro term is not only used for golfers who are experts in playing this incredible game. Anyone could be a golf professional, from a resort or club’s manager to a coach who trains other … Read more