Best Golf Rangefinder Holder | Magnetic Strap System for golf cart

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When you are playing golf or traveling, you remain conscious about your rangefinder’s safety. We want you to focus more on the game instead of taking care of accessories. After in-depth research, we have found the best rangefinder holder that not only keeps the rangefinder safe but also other accessories too. You can hang it to the golf cart or wherever you want and play golf being worry-free.

Thousands of rangefinder holders are available in the market but finding the best Golf Rangefinder Holder is somewhat tricky. After hours of searching and testing, we have mentioned some of the best rangefinder holders here for your convenience. We always aim to provide you with the best information so you can easily choose a perfect device. 

Our Recommendations

Top Rated

Stickit Magnetic Strap
  • Weight0.13 Pounds
  • Material: Adjustable Nylon

Budget Friendly

Bushwhacker Multi Purpose Mount
  • Weight1.59 Ounces
  • Material: non-slip material

High End

Caddie Buddy Cart Holder
  • WeightLightweight
  • Material: neoprene+ Stainless Steel

8 Best Golf Rangefinder Cases

We have reviewed the products in detail, so you must read this guide thoroughly to check out the specifications of each product. Our list includes products of different price ranges that help everyone buy according to their set budget. Moreover, all the rangefinder holders are of top-notch brands. It means you’ll get a high-quality device. Go through the whole article to see which one grabs your attention.

Holders Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
STICKIT Magnetic Strap STICKIT Magnetic Strap Color: Black
Item Weight0.13 Pounds
Material: Adjustable Nylon
Item Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches
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ZOEA Magnetic Mount Strap ZOEA Magnetic Mount Strap Color: Black
Item Weight0.04 Kg
Material: Non-Slip fabric
Item Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.5 x 0.35 inches
Check Price
Bushwhacker Multi Purpose Mount Bushwhacker Multi-Purpose Mount Color: Black
Item Weight1.59 Ounces
Material: non-slip material
Item Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.8 x 1.1 inches
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Frogger Golf Rangefinder Latch-It Frogger Golf Rangefinder Latch-It Color: Black
Item Weight 3.21 Ounces
Material: Non-slip straps
Item Dimensions: 10.7 x 6.2 x 1 inches
Check Price
Stripebird - 2.0 Slim Magnetic Mount Stripebird – 2.0 Slim Magnetic Mount Color: Stealth Black
Item Weight1.76 Ounces
Material: Nylon Elastic
Item Dimensions: 11 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches
Check Price
Caddie Buddy Cart Holder Caddie Buddy Cart Holder Color: Black
Item WeightLightweight
Material: Soft neoprene+Stainless Steal
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Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount Color: Black
Item Weight0.5 pounds
Material: Soft neoprene+Stainless Steal
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Leego Range Finder Magnetic Holder Leego Magnetic Holder Color: Black
Item Weight1.59 Ounces
Material: leather
Item Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches
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1. STICKIT Magnetic Strap– Best Magnetic Holder

STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap is convenient to use and also comes with many handy features. The STICKIT Magnet straps have a super strong hold to all steel surfaces once you stick them. Without using any cubby hole or cup holder, you can stick your rangefinder to the cart post for easy positioning. It provides constant access through the rounds by securely holding to the club heads present in the bag.

Stickit Magnetic Strap

Attaching it to your cart’s steering column will give you convenient access and secure hold. The adjustable standard-sized holder fits easily on any standard size golf laser rangefinder that helps keep your optics very safe round after round.

The buckle system and hook-n-loop of this magnet rangefinder holder offer a super tight fit. It is properly adjustable for all the rangefinder models available in the market. Besides, the tapered design keeps the function or activation buttons exposed for convenient pressing.

Designed by the Monument Golf with the two industrial neodymium magnets, it always remains within reach of your arms. The strong and powerful magnets of the STICKIT holder give 40 lb of pull strength that stands up to your golf cart’s sharp turns. STICKIT Strap is the best Golf Rangefinder Holder that provides a super stronghold and a go pick-up facility.


  • Great quality.
  • Strong magnets.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Manageable design.


  • Smaller in size.
  • It may not fit to smaller devices.

STICKIT magnetic rangefinder strap has various colors to choose from with a very affordable price to buy. It sticks to clubs and carts without any setup or staging and offers you to play conveniently without any hassle. 

2. ZOEA Magnetic Mount Strap– Best for golf cart

ZOEA magnetic rangefinder mount strap is very helpful in carrying a golf rangefinder with a golf cart. With the help of a Velcro strap, you can easily attach it to a bar, rail, or golf cart frame or handle. It is made with anti-slip fabric, which helps connect your rangefinder to the golf handle steering column. So even on the bouncy surface, you can easily carry it without fear of falling off.

ZOEA Magnetic Mount Strap

The mounting strap of the ZOEA magnetic offers several options on how to keep the rangefinder safely. You can fully concentrate on your game rather than holding the rangefinder in the bag on your back or in your hands.

It is compatible with the various rangefinders up to 11 inches in circumference. With its latest technology, quality features, and super-strong magnet, you can call it the best Golf Rangefinder Holder. It is a very special and the best gift that you can offer to the golfers.

With fuss-free straps, it fully maintains the use of rangefinder buttons and functions. It is made to enhance the on-course gaming performance and to provide enjoyment to the golfers. It comes with two width options, such as 1.5 inches and 1.2 inches. You can buy according to your need at a very low price.


  • Easy to hold.
  • Strong design.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Lightweight and powerful magnet.


  • Buttons get covered.
  • Not for heavy rangefinders.

ZOEA magnetic rangefinder strap is an excellent product that worth every penny. Its strong magnet provides a tight hold. It is available at a very reasonable price and is highly recommended because the customers have shown their confidence in it.

3. Bushwhacker Multi Purpose Mount-Large Functionality Staps

The Bushwhacker magnetic multipurpose mount for the golf cart is specially made to hold your rangefinder securely. It is one of the best holders available at a very low price. With this efficient rangefinder holder during the gameplay, you can use it to keep your rangefinder safe. As a result, it will provide you the best golfing experience without any trouble.

Bushwhacker Multi Purpose Mount

It is designed from waterproof material that allows you to use it in rainy conditions as well. The anti-slip and strong magnetic material make your device safe and secure. There are two straps around the rangefinder. Also, you can use the magnets either on the right or left side as per your need.

It fits easily on almost every rangefinder. This strong and powerful magnet rangefinder holder is designed to perform multiple purposes. It works excellent for rangefinder GPS attachment, and you can stick your towel as well on its hanger holder.

Bushwhacker magnetic rangefinder has arranged its three magnets in such a circular way that you can place them at any angle. This unique and stylish design makes it one of the best product.

You can fit your accessories easily with its strong and secure magnets. There is no fear of losing your device once you put your gear in case.


  • Durable.
  • Best price.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Rain and dust-proof material.


  • Weak fabric.
  • Needs care while using.

Bushwhacker magnetic multipurpose mount is a great value product with good durability and a comfortable design. It is the best budget product with a money-back guarantee. The non-slip material allows you to carry it easily and enjoy your game without any danger of losing the device. 

4. Frogger Golf Rangefinder Latch-It– Best golf cart mount

The Frogger golf rangefinder latch-it is designed to attach and detach your rangefinders to golf carts in a very simple and quick way. Having the latch attachment, you do not need to worry about dropping or misplacing your rangefinder. 

The supreme and convenient rangefinder is very easy to hold. It allows you to connect and disconnect your rangefinder instantly with its revolutionary interchangeable gear management system.

Frogger Golf Rangefinder Latch it

With this best golf rangefinder holder, you can attach your towel, mobile phone, and brush along with your rangefinder. The slim and fuss-free Velcro straps allow you to maintain the maximum use of rangefinder buttons. The holder comes with adjustable straps, and you can fit the rangefinder very conveniently.

The maximum circumference of the cart strap is 5.5 inches. Simultaneously, the length of the strap is 12.5 inches with a maximum circumference of 9.5 inches. So, it can easily fit with any rangefinder.

The 3-stage locking system guarantees that your rangefinder will not fall under any conditions, even on the bounciest courses. It comes with a 3-stage magnetic fastening technology. The first stage is to release your gear on, pulling straight out with a pressure of 3+ lbs.

The second stage is motion sensing that locks the pivot to keep the heavier gear safe in off-road-like conditions. In contrast, the third stage is the rotating of the exterior wheel. Turn the lock to 180 degrees until it goes to the locked position. It attaches securely to various brand’s rangefinders.


  • Motion sensor.
  • 3-stage security.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Easy and simple to attach and detach.


  • Limited space.
  • Average design.

This product enhances on-course performance. It has a very affordable price and comes with a 3 stage locking system. If you are a passionate golfer, you will definitely feel the difference in your game by using this product.

5. Stripebird – 2.0 Slim Magnetic Mount– Best Strap System

The Stripebird magnetic rangefinder mount strap is an essential accessory to use with your rangefinder. The optimal size and structure of this golf rangefinder holder fit all types of rangefinders. It provides you autonomous and free access to your rangefinder. The new 2.0 version is the most form-fitting and slimmest magnetic rangefinder strap. It has reduced its bulkiness by 45 percent.

Stripebird 2.0 Slip Magnetic Mount

Its strongest and powerful magnets hold rangefinders very tightly. The two-round neodymium magnets are the rare and strongest earth magnets ever. So there will be no need to worry even in bumpy cart rides. You will get maximum tightness around the rangefinder as it is made from a high-speed nylon elastic band.

The SBR technology is used for shock absorption with soft Velcro and anti-skid material, improving the grip on your rangefinder. The material and luxury finishes make your rangefinder look stylish and decent. You can easily use this rangefinder holder to experience ultra convenience.

The Stripebird rangefinder strap is made so that all of the rangefinder buttons are fully exposed. It provides compatibility with many high-end models like a Precision pro, Bushnell, Nikon, Callaway, Garmin, Leupold, Golf Buddy, TecTecTec, and more.


  • Dual magnets.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Great compatibility.
  • SBR for shock absorption.
  • Stylish and good-looking.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Average quality material.

Stripebird 2.0 rangefinder strap has the most powerful magnets ever. The form-fitting, slimmest and buckle-less magnetic strap is made of high-quality luxury material. It offers great tightness and a stronghold with superb shock absorption. And it is available at a normal price, so people with less budget can also buy it.

6. Caddie Buddy Cart Holder– Best range finder case

Caddie Buddy rangefinder golf cart holder is eventually one of the best tools to carry your essential accessories and rangefinder. There are anti-slip lines on this tool that protects your rangefinder from falling and maximizes the hold. As a result, it gives you high-quality performance.

The soft neoprene material keeps your rangefinder secure and harmless in any critical condition. Clamping to the pushcarts and golf carts is now very easy. There is no need for any extra tool for this purpose when you have this rangefinder holder.

Caddie Buddy Cart Holder

Caddie Buddy features a good clamping range of up to 2 wides, making it one of the best Holders. With this tool, you can attach a rangefinder to the many steering columns. It uses rubber clamping pads that do not slip or scratch the golf cart.

You can easily fit your rangefinder because it is highly adjustable. It is compatible with all types of rangefinders, so you can easily fit all models without having any trouble. You can easily hold your accessories like GPS, Phone, Golf tees, etc. It also works great for keeping your drinks.


  • Easy storage.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Secure and protective.
  • Works also as a drink holder.


  • Not so reliable.
  • It should be made better.

Caddie Buddy rangefinder golf cart holder is a high-budget product. If you have ample money and want to buy the best high-quality golf rangefinder holder, it is the best. Its soft neoprene material, easy clamping, and neodymium magnets hold all your accessories securely during gameplay.

7. Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount– Best accessories holder

It is another great product made from Caddie Buddy that gives the facility to hold all the accessories with a rangefinder efficiently. Caddie Buddy golf cart mount holder is developed to grip all your accessories without the need to keep them in your hands or in the bag. It makes you tension-free so that you can fully concentrate on your gameplay.

It has strong and powerful magnets and is made from durable material. The gear strap of the Caddy Buddy cart mount is made up of industrial-strength magnets, including a rangefinder case.

Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Mount

This golf cart mount holder is an excellent product with the latest high-quality features. The magnet straps have wrapped the cart that fits all the rangefinders easily. As it latches in place, so your golf rangefinder will not fall out accidentally.

It is the best Golf Rangefinder Holder that is a trusted solution for all golf professionals. The buttons snap into the mount so it will not bounce out. It is fully adjustable with a locking screw, and the straps will fit all laser rangefinders easily.

One of the good features of this cart mount holder is that it fits very neatly into your pocket. It allows you to access your accessories and golf rangefinder quickly. The material used to design this cart mount helps protect your stuff from rain and sweat.


  • Unbreakable
  • Works great.
  • Easy clamping.
  • High-quality material.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Comes in only one color.

Caddie Buddy rangefinder golf cart holder is an effective product that provides a stronghold and easy access to accessories. You can fit all rangefinders easily, like Bushnell, Nikon, and Callaway. Latches are placed so that it does not bounce out. It works great for pushcarts and riding carts. 

8. Leego Magnetic Holder– Best Rangefinder Strap

Leego range finder magnetic holder is a cheap and affordable strap case for you. You can easily stick your golf rangefinders on the golf cart railing, frame, or bar. The two powerful and strong magnets offer the strongest hold of your rangefinder as well as other accessories.

Leego rangefinder magnetic holder strap provides you the best experience during your gameplay by holding all your accessories along with the rangefinder. Its use is very easy and simple. The anti-skid material used in this product ensures your rangefinder is correctly fixed on the handrail.

Leego Range Finder Magnetic Holder

The stronghold works excellent in preventing your rangefinder and accessories even if your golf cart is swerved or bumped. It is made from leather material that makes it safe during rain or when your hands are sweaty. The high-quality material will not wear out easily even after multi-use.

The thing which makes it the best Rangefinder Holder is that it fits almost every rangefinder easily. The strap of this magnetic holder has a length of 12 inches while its width is 2.6 inches.


  • Durable leather.
  • Anti-slip fabric.
  • Fits almost all rangefinders.
  • Super strong and powerful magnets.


  • A bit larger strap.

Leego rangefinder magnetic holder is one of the cheap golf rangefinder holders. But it has strong magnets that provide a firm hold in any condition. Its durable, high-quality leather does not wear out quickly. At the same time, the anti-slip fabric ensures that your rangefinder will not fall off. 

Best Golf Rangefinder Holder Buyers Guide

You should keep the following points in mind while you choose any golf rangefinder holder.


It is an important aspect to see when buying a new rangefinder holder. The material used in the product tells us its quality and lifetime. Furthermore, material like leather works great in the rain and remains safe from your sweat. Some rangefinder holders use anti-slip fabric material, which also works great in all circumstances.

Holding Magnets

Make sure before buying a rangefinder holder that it is compatible with other rangefinder devices. Many rangefinder holders have useless and less strong magnets, resulting in the falling of your device and accessories. Try looking for strong and secure magnets that firmly hold the accessories.


There are different sizes of rangefinder devices, so make sure your rangefinder holder is adjustable so that you can easily fit any device. You can attach a brush, towel, and cold drink along with a rangefinder device easily with these high-quality holders. The shock absorption technology with soft Velcro and anti-skid improves the grip on rangefinder devices.


Price is an essential factor to notice before buying any product. In this golf rangefinder holder guide, we have placed different products with different price ranges. So if you want to buy the best Golf Rangefinder Holder, read this article till the end. 


Though all the products on our list of best golf rangefinder holder are incredible, let us make it simple for you to choose from.

STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap is one of our top picks due to its affordable price and high-quality performance. It has various colors, so you have the choice to pick any of them. It provides grab-and-go mobility for less hassle and quick play.

Bushwhacker Magnetic Multi-Purpose Mount is known for its durability and high-quality performance. It also comes at a cheap price which is perfect for people having a low budget. Enjoy your game with this multipurpose mount strap without losing your device. 

Caddie Buddy Rangefinder Golf Cart Holder is a high-end product. If you can afford this product, then you should definitely buy it. Its soft neoprene material, easy clamping, and neodymium magnets offer outstanding performance.