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There are various sports and activities to enjoy your time; however, golf also prioritizes its position among all sports. Mostly you see men golfers enjoy this sport compared to women counterparts; it might be due to women’s small hands. Anyway, either it’s men or women, but he will face challenges in playing this sport if one has small hands. But, the good news for people with small hands is that they can also enjoy this wonderful sport by using the best golf grips for small hands without encountering any difficulty.

The hand position we use to grasp a stick is essential because it is the main part of the game that how trickly you hold a golf stick and how forcefully you hit the swing. However, if you have small hands, you might face difficulty having a proper grip on the stick, so you won’t be able to hit the stroke.

Still, want to play because you are very much passionate about golfing? Then worry not! The following golf grips are specially made for small hands. These golf grips will make it possible for you to grasp them properly without losing control of them and enjoy the sport.

Our Recommendation

Top Rated

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Undersize
  • Size: Undersize
  • Dimensions: 26.2 × 2.4 × 2.0 cm

Budget Friendly

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip
  • Size: Standard
  • Dimensions: 10.63 × 1.18 × 1.18 inches

High End

Lamkin Crossline grip
  • Size: Undersize
  • Dimensions: 12 × 4 × 3 inches

7 Best Golf Club Grips for Small Hands

Wondering which golf grip to choose from, the dozens of options available in the market, but you need the one that can perfectly fit in your small hands? Yes, you are right! There are so many items available in the market, which makes you confused about which one to select or not. For your convenience, we have come up with the best golf grips for small hands. Specially, these golf grips will benefit people who have small hands due to their size, material, and comfortability. Furthermore, you can also check the overall best golf grips.

Best golf grips for small hands

So, if you really want to save your valuable time, you can go for one of these products by going through their reviews, and rest assured that you will get the exact item that will satisfy your needs.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Undersize Grip Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Color: Multiple
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Undersize
Item Dimensions: 26.2 × 2.4 × 2.0 cm
Check Price
Lamkin Crossline Grip Lamkin Crossline Undersize Color: Multiple
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Undersize
Weight: 3 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 12 × 4 × 3 inches
Check Price
Karma Velour Ladies Grips Karma Velour Ladies Color: Multiple
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Undersize
Weight: 1.05 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 13.3 × 4.7 × 3.5 inches
Check Price
Karma Velour Grip Kit Karma Velour Grip Kit Color: Multiple
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Junior
Weight: 37 Grams
Item Dimensions: 12 × 5 × 3 inches
Check Price
Golf Pride MCC New Decade Golf Grip Golf Pride MCC New Decade Color: Black/White
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Midsize
Item Dimensions:
Check Price
SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip SuperStroke Cross Comfort Color: Multiple
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Standard
Weight: 0.09 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 10.63 × 1.18 × 1.18 inches
Check Price
Winn Dri-Tac Undersize Grip Winn Dri-Tac Undersize Color: Multiple
Pack Size:
Style/Size: Standard
Weight: 48 Grams
Item Dimensions: 12.4 × 8.98 × 2.4 inches
Check Price

1. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 – Best Undersize Grip

Our top-pick item is Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multi-Compound Golf Grip has been proven the best golf grip for small hands due to the increasing rate of its usage. This item is becoming more popular among golfers due to its size as well as controllability. Specifically, these undersized golf grips are an excellent choice for those people who have small hands. Besides, this item is ideally great for sweaty hands too. Due to its superb controllability, it gives a strong grip to the small hands without having any moisture. If you are having sweaty hands then you can also check the best golf grips for humid / sweaty hands

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Undersize

Apart from that, due to its stability, this product has been gaining popularity among professional golfers. This golf grip is super comfortable to handle. The rubber material allows a small hand golfer to feel excellent softness and hardness at the same time. So, a user can maintain a balance in his game when swinging the golf club during his play.

Furthermore, there is a multiple-choice in colors. You can select any of the 5 colors of this item according to your style. Or, even you can match the color with your clothing.

What do We Like?

  • Durable material.
  • Color variations.
  • Ideal for small hands.
  • Perfect controllability.

What we don’t Like

  • It might give a chemical smell.

It is the ideal golf grip for small hands with durable material that offers perfect controllability. From 5 color choices, you can select any of your liking.

2. Lamkin Crossline – Best Golf Club Grip

Lamkin crossline golf grip bundle comes with 13 pieces with a complete range of sizes that one can even imagine. The different sizes will help a golfer to select the one that fits rightly in his hands. As well as there is a variety of colors, so you may choose according to your style.

Due to its Crossline pattern, this golf grip will give full control and feel to the people who have small hands. So, due to its high traction pattern, they can play with complete confidence at their best by grasping the grip properly.

Lamkin Crossline grip

Besides, due to its lateral pattern, a golfer doesn’t need to take tension about his grip because it provides great traction even with a light grip.

Apart from that, these golf grips are perfectly suitable for sweaty hands too. These grips will give you a non-slip performance while playing as they won’t slip at all from your sweaty hands. Even you can play in the rain with them because of their Crossline attributes. These are an excellent choice for different weather, either it’s warm or rainy, you will find them weather resistant.

Furthermore, it will help people have small hands in balancing both hands in the right way without losing grasp on grips. Due to its durable material, you will see that Lamkin doesn’t compromise its quality.

What do We Like?

  • Variety in sizes.
  • Color variations.
  • High traction pattern.
  • Non-slip performance.
  • Weather-resistant performance.

What we don’t Like

  • Installation issue.
  • Counterfeit problem.

With a high traction pattern, your small hands will feel a comfortable grip as it offers non-slip performance. It provides complete control over the club, no matter if it is rainy or warm weather.

3. Karma Velour Ladies – Good Golf Grips

Due to its classic design and grip pattern, Karma Velour Ladies Golf Grip is gaining popularity among golfers. The proven grip pattern makes it the best golf grip for small hands that allows people to grasp a club properly. In this way, they can feel better in holding grip and swinging their hits confidently. These golf grips are also the best golf grips for small hands because they offer very comfortable gripping the club even with lighter grip pressure.

Karma Velour Ladies grip

Besides, there is a variety in sizes for your convenience as it comes in the form of a bundle with 13 grips. So, there is a variation to select which golf grip fits perfectly in your small hands. According to their needs, people with small hands can easily choose from junior, undersize, standard, midsize, and jumbo.

Moreover, due to the material of these golf grips, which is a soft rubber compound, these are very easy to clean after use. As well as due to the material the golf grips give a comfortable feeling to golfers in all weather conditions because this material features weather-resistant quality.

Aside from that, the exciting thing is that there are various colors available to choose from. So, there is a choice for you to select a color according to your style, or if you want, you can match the golf grip color with your clothes.

Karma Velour Grip View

What do We Like?

  • Classic design.
  • Soft Rubber material.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Various colors are available.

What we don’t Like

  • It might be tricky for new players.

These grips for small hands have soft rubber material that offers perfect grip in all weather conditions. Besides, multiple color and size options are available in the pack so that you can choose as per your hand size.

4. Karma Velour Grip Kit – Small Grip

Karma Velour Golf Grip Kit comes with great value and quality with a proven grip pattern. Due to the material, the grip pattern of these golf grips amazingly gives you excellent performance, especially to those who have small hands. People with small hands feel very easy with these golf grips and ultimately can showcase a good performance in their game to their counterparts.

Karma Velour Grip Kit

Apart from that, people who have small hands shouldn’t be worried about the size because this kit features various sizes. A golfer can choose from mid-size, jumbo size, standard size, ladies size, and junior size. It means there is a special lady’s size that can be fit accurately in their hands so they can feel comfortable and play with having the right posture.

There are 13 grips available in the kit, so there is a wide range for small-hand people to select any piece of their choice. This feature proves them as the best golf grips for small hands. Besides, you will find 2 double-sided grip tape, a bottle of grip solvent, and a rubber vise clamp.

Alongside with variety in sizes, there is a wide range of colors available as well. It doesn’t provide basic colors such as black or white, but there are attractive colors available so golfers can choose whatever color they want that best suits their needs. Besides, the golf grips have water-resistant quality as they show good grip even with sweaty hands.

What do We Like?

  • Quality grip pattern.
  • Wide range in sizes.
  • Ladies’ size is available.
  • Attractive color choice.
  • Side accessories in the kit.

What we don’t Like

  • Installation is an issue for beginners.

 With the quality grip patterns, these small golf grips fit best for small hands. There are side accessories available in the pack to make installation easy.

5. Golf Pride MCC New Decade – Most Comfortable

Golf Pride New Decade Golf Grip comes with rubber material and a cord that gives an absolute comfortable feeling. The black velvet cord is fitted in the upper hand area for a firm grip exclusively for small hands. With the help of the rubber material and velvet cord, small hands can adjust their grip on grips perfectly to show excellent performance in the game.

Golf Pride MCC New Decade golf grip

Besides, this golf grip performs well in all weather conditions, which means a golfer can play without any hassle of wet or sweaty hands. So, this grip is the ultimate solution for sweaty and wet hands.

Apart from that, people who have small hands can play well in their game by utilizing these grips, focussing full attention on the game with a full response. Besides, these grips will let a user have full control and grip on the club to swing the hit properly. If we talk about the color, this grip comes in 2 basic colors, white and black.

What do We Like?

  • Soft material.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • A velvet cord is available.
  • Excellent controllability.

What we don’t Like

  • It may give a thickness feeling.
  • Not compatible with large hands.

With velvet cord and soft material, these grips give a perfect grip to small hands while swinging the club. Besides, these grips work best in all weather conditions.

6. SuperStroke Cross Comfort – New Grip

The soft and tacky polyurethane outer layer of SuperStroke Golf Club Grip makes this grip the best golf grip for small hands. It gives a comfortable feeling to golfers with small hands. On the other hand, the inner layer made with firm rubber and combined with the outer layer will help small hands grasp the club properly to show a great performance in the game. As well a cross comfort pattern will support small hands for boosting additional traction.

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip

Due to its stability and durability, this golf grip is gaining popularity among golfers, specifically small hands golfers. The stability of rubber will allow them to deliver high performance in the sport. Golfers who have small hands will feel confident after each shot is played with full enthusiasm.

Its cross-comfort technology gives a firm grip on the club, which delivers a swing with non-slip and phenomenal performance. On the other hand, a multi-layer grip construction gives a chance to golfers with small hands to play their best. The taper control technology assists golfers with small hands a proper grip so they can swing naturally.

Moreover, this golf club is available in several sizes and colors. So, this can be a perfect option for those looking for a great product with an all-in-one package.

Super Stroke cross Comfort golf grips

What do We Like?

  • Durable material.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Non-slip performance.
  • Cross comfort technology.
  • Suitable for sweaty hands.

What we don’t Like

  • Installation issue for beginners.
  • It may not be suitable for professionals.

With cross comfort technology, this golf grip offers non-slip performance due to its durable material. No matter if your hands remain sweaty, you can use these grips with full control.

7. Winn Dri-Tac – Undersize Small Hands

Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip Bundle features 9 grips, including grip installation instructions. Due to its new WinnDry polymer material, it gives an excellent non-slip performance to golfers with small hands. Besides, these golf grips are suitable for all weather conditions, either warm or rainy; grips do deliver perfect results.

Winn Dri Tac Undersize Grip

If your hands remain sweaty, these grips are for you; you will always feel a firm grip over your club. There is a wide selection of colors as each kit contains beautiful colors. So, all you can say that this is an ideal choice for golfers who want to play their best in the golfing sport.

You can choose standard, midsize, jumbo, and undersize as per the size of your small hands. The pack does not contain grip tape or grip solvent, so keep the equipment ready to install these grips instantly.

Winn Dri Tac Golf Grips

What do We Like?

  • Durable material.
  • Non-slip performance.
  • Installation instructions included.

What we don’t Like

  • It may not be suitable for professionals.

These grips offer non-slip performance with the durable polymer material no matter if your hands are sweaty or the weather is rainy. The installation manual is also in the pack to make the process easy.

Best Golf Grips for Small Hands Buying Guide

We have tested various golf grips and concluded that people with small hands need to consider the following rules in their mind when buying golf grips to enjoy their sport:

Size & Design

People who have small hands will need a size that perfectly adjusts in small hands so they can play enthusiastically. There are varieties even in small sizes such as junior, undersize, standard, midsize, and jumbo. So, people who have small hands can select the grip size according to their needs.

Besides, there is a wide range of design choices too in small size so people can choose the one which satisfies their style. The important point is that the design of golf grips should not affect their comfortability and controllability. A buyer should ensure that a golf grip is comfortable with its design.


If we talk about the color of golf grips, there is a wide range of colors so, a golfer can choose according to his style. However, the variety in colors is primarily available for the grips that come in kits or bundles. On the other hand, single golf grips are also available in different colors.


You will definitely need the best golf grips for small hands, giving you a confident feeling while swinging in the play. To have a good swing in the game, golf grips must be comfortable in your small hands so you can enjoy your game with full enthusiasm. Most grips have patterns on them to place your hands and index finger right on the exact shape to deliver a phenomenal performance. So, you may choose from one of those mentioned above.


Golf grips manufacturers mostly use rubber material because it gives a perfect grip to hold properly, especially to small hands. Besides, other materials are also used, such as silicon, plastic, and elastomer. However, the rubber material is more authentic in providing more traction in your hands; either your hands are wet due to rain or sweaty due to hot weather.


A golfer should be cautious about the thickness of a golf grip when buying because small hands can’t handle a grip made in a thick shape.


A golf grip should be neither light nor heavy to maintain the right balance so it can be managed and carried easily by the players with small hands.


The golf grip material should be durable that can last for a long time, so you don’t need to buy grips frequently.


Checking your golf grips regularly is essential to maintain their quality. Golfers should also clean their grips after using them, or if they want, they can wash with a mild dishwashing detergent.  


We have highlighted many golf grips features for your feasibility that you may choose according to your taste and need. We have tested each of the products given above and reviewed them as per our experience. These products are exclusively suitable for those people who have small hands. So, you can go for Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Undersize Grips, which is our top pick due to gaining popularity among golfers.

Or, if you want, you can choose Lamkin Crossline Undersize, which also the best golf grip for small hands that offer high-end performance. However, if you are looking for the all-in-one option and at a reasonable price, we can’t recommend any product other than SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip.