Best Waterproof Golf Bags | Top Rated cart, carry, stand bags for rain

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Golf is an outdoor sport where you should get ready to face any weather condition. Playing on rainy days is a bit challenging. Only the best waterproof golf bag can make you concentrate on your game instead of focusing on other matters. If your grips and gloves get wet, golfing will become impossible. So, if you want to play consistently no matter how heavy the rainfall is, then use a waterproof bag. 

For choosing the right waterproof bag, must-see its fabric and make sure the zippers and seams should be sealed. Most of the waterproof bags come with a perfectly fitting rain hood for giving extra protection. So, you should also keep this feature in focus when buying a waterproof bag.

The waterproof bags are also lightweight, which makes them convenient to handle. A plethora of bags are available in the market, so make a selection cautiously if you want to purchase a lasting product.

Our Recommendation

Top Rated

EG EAGOLE Super Light
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 35.43 x 14.57 x 10.63 inches

Budget Friendly

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag
  • weight: 5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches

High End

TaylorMade Stand 8.0
  • weight: 9.6 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 31.5 inches

6 Best Waterproof Golf Bags Review

Finding the best waterproof golf bag is a great challenge for newbies and people needing a bag instantly. That’s why we are here to make your job easy. Leave the time-taking and hard searching and just get ready to choose the perfect bag for you. Because we have enlisted the top-rated waterproof golf bags here after long research. We keep different aspects in mind to end up selecting the best of the best. 

best waterproof golf bags

All the bags are having plenty of room for keeping more equipment without any issue. The individual full-length dividers will secure the clubs and would prevent club crowding. Comfortable carrying, durable material, and easily accessible pockets are some other features we keenly focused on during our research.

Different price range products are added to our list. Everyone can purchase a bag of their choice within the budget they can afford. To end your curiosity, let’s get straight into the article to find the desired one.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
EG EAGOLE Super Light EG EAGOLE Bag Color: Red
Material: Nylon
Strap Type: Single
Item weight: 7 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 35.43 x 14.57 x 10.63 inches
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Cobra Golf Ultralight Cart Bag Cobra Golf Ultralight Cart Bag Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Strap Type: Single
Item weight: 8.74 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 36 x 12 x 11 inches
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Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag Color: Black/Charcoal/Royal
Material: Nylon
Strap Type: Lack shoulder strap
Item weight: 4.25 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 10.5 x 13.75 x 36.75 inches
Check Price
TaylorMade Stand 8.0 TaylorMade Stand 8.0 Bag Color: Black/White/Blue
Material: Polyester
Strap Type: Double
Item weight: 9.6 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 31.5 inches
Check Price
Tangkula Golf Stand Bag Tangkula Golf Stand Bag Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Strap Type: Adjustable
Item weight: 5 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches
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Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag Founders Club Waterproof Cart Bag Color: Red
Material: Nylon
Strap Type: Single
Item weight: 5.5 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 37 x 15 x 12 inches
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1. EG EAGOLE– Best Waterproof Cart Bag

EG EAGOLE Eagole Cart Bag is an ultra-light bag that comes with tremendous features. It has 9 pockets, a 14-way top with separate full-length dividers, and a rain hood. If you are tight on your pocket, it is a perfect solution for getting the perfect bag without breaking the bank.

EG EAGOLE Super Light

Are you looking for the best lightweight waterproof golf bag with more pockets? Here is the EG EAGOLE Eagole Super Light Cart Bag featuring 9 pockets. It has more room to accommodate everything that seems necessary to you to take to the golf course. 

This best waterproof golf bag 2021 includes 2 pockets for valuables having velour lining. Two pockets at both sides are full-length, which means you have ample space for putting more goods. The insulated cooler pocket is 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. Having such a huge capacity, it helps you place 8 bottles of water or juice, so you can remain hydrated in hot afternoons. 

You can conveniently grab the bag with its molded grab handles. Three handles make you pick it the way you feel comfortable. In addition, it becomes easier to load this superb bag on a cart or car.

The user-friendly design has incorporated everything a golfer would seek in the waterproof golf bag. That’s why the E-Trolley base system is applied to make it a right fit for riding carts and push/pull carts. If you are a true fan of cart bags then check out our collection of best golf cart bags.

14 full-length individual dividers secure your golf clubs while making the picking of desired one more than easy. The front slot is reserved for oversized putters, even the mallet putter and superstroke grip fits in effortlessly.

This nylon bag is super light and easy to carry. One of its amazing features is a rain hood, an essential thing for rainy days.


  • Nylon construction.
  • 14 full-length dividers.
  • 3 molded grab handles.
  • Comfortable to transport.
  • Big insulated cooler pocket.


  • Average-quality zippers.
  • Some pockets have small openings.

2. Cobra Golf Ultralight – Popular

If you are looking for a lightweight bag, here is the better option for you. Use the best Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag to experience ultra convenience. It comes with 14 individual dividers and 13 pockets. With the Cart Strap Pass-Thru, you can attach the bag securely to the cart.

Cobra Golf Ultralight Cart Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag is a lightweight bag that weighs only 5.3lbs. It is a user-friendly, affordable, and reliable product having remarkable features. By offering more storage options, it helps you adjust all the golf gear in one place. 

There are 13 pockets available on this best waterproof golf bag providing you ample storage capacity. Dual-fleece lined pockets for valuables give endless space for saving your phone, GPS Watch, rangefinder, keys, and other essential equipment. 

Among other pockets are the dual apparel pockets having key clips. These pockets are quite large to fit in your hat and gloves with ease. Separate ball pockets keep the dirty ball away from other golf gear. So, other things won’t get muddy, and you can instantly get the ball without searching for it here and there. 

It takes care of all your golf accessories, that’s why its 14 individual dividers are padded to give extra protection to the clubs. This way, it reduces club impact when you are carrying this superb bag or driving. 

The insulated cooler pocket with massive capacity stores several bottles of your favorite drinks. So, enjoy cool beverages during your gameplay to keep refreshing. 

After an in-depth review, we concluded that it is far better than many other golf bags in a specific feature. And that is, it straps perfectly on the cart. Cart Strap Pass-Thru keeps the bag securely on the cart while giving you instant access to all the pockets.


  • Ball Pockets.
  • Cart Strap Pass-Thru.
  • Fleece-lined pockets.
  • 14 individual dividers. 
  • Lightweight and handy. 


  • Average quality cover.
  • The hook for holding the towel is not sturdy.

3. Datrek DG Lite II – Best Waterproof Carry Golf Bag

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag is a lightweight bag with 7 zipper pockets, a towel ring, an umbrella holder, and 15 full-length dividers. It also includes a rain hood and glove holder, while all the front-facing pockets offer easy accessibility to the required equipment.

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag is the best waterproof carry golf bag that is lightweight, stylish, and classy. It is just 4.2 lbs. It is a cart bag, so you can conveniently place it on the cart without worrying about its damage. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this bag will fulfill all your needs. 

The pockets are front-facing for making you comfortably grab anything you need at any point in time. The position of pockets is determined by keeping in view that it would be riding on a cart. 

The innovative and useful features of this best modern waterproof golf bag make it eye-catchy for every golfer. It comes with seven zipper pockets to keep your things protected. Other pockets include two large apparel pockets providing more storage area for accomodating golf equipment. One of its pockets is the ball pocket. This separate compartment lets you keep your balls aside and save them. 

Don’t worry about where to place your expensive gadgets on the course. The fleece-lined pocket is designed for your valuable essentials. 

For keeping the clubs separate and safe, this bag features 15 full-length dividers. The rubberized putter well is also added to the bag for your convenience. 

It contains all other features that many other bags don’t come with. The umbrella holder provides a separate place for holding the umbrella. So, if the umbrella is wet, its dripping water will not affect other gear.


  • Towel ring.
  • Matching rain hood.
  • Rubberized putter well.
  • Glove holder and umbrella holder.
  • 15-way full-length individual dividers


  • Small club holes.
  • Lacks shoulder strap.

4- TaylorMade 8.0 – Best Waterproof Stang Golf Bag

TaylorMade Stand 8.0 Bag is made to provide ultra-comfort to passionate golfers. It lets them focus on their game, not on the gear they are bringing to the golf course. Its specialty is the water-resistant pocket, self-adjusting straps, and ultra-stability.

TaylorMade Stand 8.0

TaylorMade Stand 8.0 Bag is designed to bring convenience and comfort to the users’ gameplay. The 4.5 lbs weight of this best golf waterproof bag makes it a desirable product for carrying it with ease. If you are a lean person and can’t bear more weight, this one is made for you to handle easily. The 8-way top is made to lessen the club crowding and is having crush-resistant construction for ultra-durability. 

The proprietary stand system is added for tremendous functioning, which lets you focus on your game, not on your equipment. It stands firm on the ground and gives you relief from the tension of your golf gear’s safety. Whether you like to carry the bag on your own or use a cart for that purpose, it is suitable for both situations.  

It will make you experience a unique feel as you have never felt before carrying your golf bag. The self-adjusting straps are to ensure stability and superb comfort to make the golfers carry the bag conveniently.

This bag consists of 6 pockets designed for different purposes. A water bottle sleeve is there to hold your water bottle, while a removable XL ball pocket is for storing golf balls separately. On the upper side, there is a water-resistant pocket giving you instant access to your valuable products. The water-resistant pocket design ensures your wallet, golf smartwatch, phone, and keys are safe from any damage.


  • Includes stand. 
  • Contains 6 pockets.
  • Self-adjusting straps.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • 8-way top with multiple handles.


  • Expensive. 
  • The stitching needs improvement.

5- Tangkula Golf Stand Bag – Best Rated

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag is an inexpensive stand bag offering tremendous features. It is a water-resistant bag with 8 dividers and 7 zipper pockets. The padded shoulder strap and handle make carrying convenient around the course.

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag is the ideal bag for traveling because it doesn’t take much space on the car trunk, trailer, or camper. Due to its compact design, you can take it anywhere with ease. If you’re not using the bag, it can be stored neatly. 

It is a lightweight, stable, space-saving bag offering various impressive features. It is made up of 420D nylon fabric, while iron bracket leg, fibre supporting tube, and plastic chassis are also included in its construction. It can stand straight due to the plastic chassis and foot pipe support, while the rubber foot pipe is added for preventing scratches. Make it stand on its own when you are getting ready to start your gameplay.

This waterproof golf bag is water-resistant, so there is no chance for any liquid to permeate inside the bag.

The bag is safe from any wear and tear because it is quite sturdy and durable, so it will last for years to come.

The 8-way dividers offer ample space for accomodating golf clubs comfortably. Along with that, 7 zipper pockets provide more room for keeping various golf equipment. The zipper design ensures more aesthetics and practicability to this fantastic golf gear.

The shoulder strap gives you the ease of conveniently carrying the bag to move from hole to hole. 

At the top, there is an easy-to-carry and robust handle that makes you hold the bag easily. Another feature for carrying is the adjustable strap shoulder which is padded and helps you pick the bag easily. 


  • Towel hangs.
  • It’s water-resistant.
  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Heat insulating pocket.
  • Adjustable umbrella ring.


  • The pockets are a bit tight.

6- Founders Club – Best Quality Bag

Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag has 9 various-purpose pockets. It is easy to carry and use. The amazing design not only looks eye-catchy but also accommodates all the features golfers look for. 

Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag is the best waterproof golf bag that keeps everything inside the bag dry. Offering more capacity for fitting in every gear by providing 9 waterproof pockets. When the bag is placed on a cart or trolley, the pockets will be easily accessible. The heavy-duty zippers keep your golf accessories safe and secure and ensure water doesn’t leach inside the bag. 

Among 9 pockets are the 2 apparel pockets, ball pocket, and laser rangefinder pocket. These pockets are meant for separate gear, which lets you be clear where is your desired accessory. The large cooler pocket helps you put a big water bottle to drink plenty of water on the course. Multiple small pockets are also available for placing every gadget you want. 

The 14-way dividers are enough to keep more clubs, and the individual compartment is good for club protection. Moreover, this bag just weighs 5.5 pounds and becomes a better option for people looking for lightweight bags. 

The top of the bag has integrated three grab handles for comfortable lifting. Another useful feature is the rain hood that keeps all the golf equipment safe from water on rainy days. 

The rubber feet make the bag stand stable on slippery surfaces. Not only it stands firm on its own, but when placed on a trolley, the feet stick conveniently against brackets of the bag. 


  • 1-year warranty. 
  • Easy to handle.
  • 9 different pockets.
  • 15 full-length dividers.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Lacks insulated sleeve pocket.


  • EG EAGOLE Eagole Bag is the top pick on our list, which will definitely grab the attention of every quality lover. Transporting the bag is more than easy as it has a strap on the back. The super-light nylon construction, rain hood, 14 dividers, and 9 pockets add more value to its overall image. 
  • If your budget is giving you a tough time, but you need a top-notch bag, Tangkula Golf Stand Bag is the right option. It is the best budget bag, constructed with wear-resistant and robust material. This portable bag is also space-saving and compact.
  • TaylorMade Stand 8.0 Bag is a high end product, but its quality justifies the price you pay for. The water-resistant pockets, adjustable strap, and roomy storage make it distinguished among its competitors.