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The best golf grips for seniors are much essential to make senior golfers play comfortably. The golf club is nothing without a perfect grip, and its importance rises more when you want to excel in your golfing career. Unfortunately, finding the ideal golf grip is not that easy as it seems. And when you are trying to buy the grip for seniors, then extra caution is needed. 

You must have an accurate golf grip; otherwise, the wrong club grip can lead to poor performance. That’s a fact; with growing age, the power of striking is affected a bit which can be compensated by using an appropriate grip.  

Maybe you are getting worried about finding the best golf grips for seniors when numerous grips are available out there. Don’t worry; we have got your back to help you get a perfect product for your next gameplay. 

Golf Grips for Seniors Top Picks

Top Rated

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grips
  • Weight: 0.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.43 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches

Budget Friendly

Winn Grips Dritac LT
  • Weight: 0.63 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches

High End

JumboMax Tour Series Grips Bundle
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.87 x 8.15 x 3.43 inches

9 Best Golf Club Grips for Seniors

We are discussing some of the best golf grips for seniors here to let you buy the one that accompanies your club for longer. Durability is not the sole factor to focus on; we considered every aspect keenly. Different people have different requirements when it comes to using the golf grip. We have presented various sized grips to make everyone choose according to their hand size. For more details check our guide overall best golf grips.

Best Golf Grips for Seniors

Some can’t go for the pricer ones while others don’t want to buy cheap products, so we enlisted various price range products. So, choose according to your budget; all the grips are of high quality. Moreover, all the products are selected after extensive research and usage to show you the actual pros and cons. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at our chosen grips to make you decide instantly.

Seniors Golf Grips Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G-Pebbled Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Color: black
Pack Size: single
Style/Size: Jumbo
Weight: 0.1 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 10.43 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
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Champkey STP Comfortable Grips new Champkey STP Comfortable Color: PATRIOT
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: midsize
Weight: 2.55 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 1.7 inches
Check Price
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: Oversize
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Item Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.9 x 2.7 inches
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Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated kit Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Kit Color: Black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: oversize
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 13 x 10.7 x 3.1 inches
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Winn EXCEL WRAP Golf Grip Winn EXCEL WRAP Color: black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: oversize
Weight: 1.19 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.4 x 2 inches
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Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT Color: black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: standard, midsize, oversize
Weight: 0.63 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 10.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches
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Karma Arthritic Grips Karma Arthritic Grips Kit Color: Black
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: Jumbo
Weight: 1.9 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 11.89 x 8.43 x 2.99 inches
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Winn DriTac Wrap Copper Grip Bundle Winn DriTac Wrap Copper Grip Bundle Color: Copper color
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: jumbo
Weight: 15.87 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 13.15 x 8.66 x 2.76 inches
Check Price
JumboMax Tour Series Grips Bundle JumboMax Tour Series Grips Bundle Color: Black/Silver
Pack Size: 13
Style/Size: standard size
Weight: 3 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 12.87 x 8.15 x 3.43 inches
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1. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip – Top Rated

If you are irritated with your previous golf grip that doesn’t fit your hands, we have a better option for you. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip is an incredible product that perfectly fits in your palms. On the left hand, there is a stiff cord that offers superb security and a strong grip.

At the bottom, the tapeless shape gives the grip a modern look and ensures perfect gripping. In addition, the right and left grips provide a tremendous experience of holding the grip with proper balance. That’s the outstanding balance that is making it win the hearts of senior golfers.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Pebbled

The wrap grip offers a comfortable grip for enormous gameplay. The upper layer of the grip is constructed of the cord, while the inner layer of rubber provides premium durability. The price is quite affordable, and the quality you get for that price is more than what you pay for.


  • Easy to install.
  • Non-slippery.
  • Outclass durability.
  • Well-fitted structure.


  • Gripping with sweaty hands would be tricky.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip is one of the best golf grips for seniors with a tremendous secure grip. You will find it easier to install, and its overall construction is durable and sturdy.

2. Champkey STP Comfortable – Best Golf Club Grips for Seniors

Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips is one of the best golf club grips for seniors. It comes with enormous features that make it stand apart from others. By using this product, seniors never feel any pressure on hands or body. This way, the senior players can swing the club with much ease. Moreover, it lessens the potential damage to the body by offering ultra-comfort.

If your hands are strained or feel any discomfort but still want to play, go for these comfortable grips to enjoy powerful gameplay. The feature that will make you amazed is the shock absorption which will help you to strike perfectly. 

Champkey STP Comfortable Grips

The outer layer is made with a polyurethane material that gives extra strength and a comfortable feel to the golf club. The interior layer of these grips is made of rubber that offers accurate feedback and a firm grip.

For strengthening your grip over the club, the surface is filled with a cross-shaped texture for ultra-comfort. At the same time, dragon scales at the thumb area ensure improved hold.

No matter what the weather conditions are, use it with full confidence. Then, you can go for it during rains or with sweaty hands. But if you are mostly playing during rainy weather then visit the best golf grips for humid weather.

The included grip tapes give the facility of rapid fixing of the grips. So, right after unboxing, you can install the golf grips instantly using these accessories.


  • Suitable for wet conditions.
  • Includes useful accessories.
  • Offers money-back guarantee.
  • Reduces pressure on the body and hands.


  • Thick for small hands.

Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips are perfect for sweaty hands and ensures improved grip. The cross-shaped texture provides a more firm grip over the club. Both professional and beginner seniors can enjoy its ultra-efficiency.

3. WINN DRITAC AVS – Best Oversize Golf Grips Review

Do you have large hands and want to buy a golf grip fit for your hands? DRITAC AVS OVERSIZE GRAY GOLF GRIP is a set of 13 grips perfect for people with larger hands. By using these oversize golf grips, you will experience less grip pressure while improved wrist movement. Enjoy powerful swings with these outstanding best golf grips for seniors.

The grip style is remarkable that combines softer rubber material with smooth leather. This combination lets you experience an incredible feel while gives an ideal control over the grip.

Winn Dritac AVS Oversize Grips

The consistent grip pressure offers smoother swings that gradually enhance the performance of beginner senior golfers. In addition, it is a set of 13 golf grips that saves you money to pay for buying separate grips.

On the other hand, by providing 13 grips simultaneously, it saves your shopping time also. So, if you are a busy person or a senior who doesn’t enjoy shopping or can’t get free time, this one is perfect for you.


  • Ensures better grip.
  • Comfortable to grip.
  • Anti-slippery structure.
  • Suitable for larger hands.


  • Not durable for years.

WINN DRITAC AVS OVERSIZE GRAY GOLF GRIP is ideal for seniors with larger hands. The rubber and leather structure gives another level feel and perfect grip. Besides, it doesn’t slip when your hands are wet. 

4. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Grip Kit – Most Comfortable

If you have arthritis and searching for golf grips that can help you play without any issue, this one is best. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Golf Grip Kit is designed especially for senior arthritis patients to make them play comfortably. The weak hands shouldn’t stop you from playing your most favorite game; that’s why these grips offer excellent grip.

To make a considerable difference in your performance, it comes with a serrated design.

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated

The high-quality material offers superb control and a tremendous feel to the golfers. All those looking for oversized best golf grips for seniors would love to use them. 

To make you install it on the club as you unbox them, it comes with all the essential accessories. The grip kit includes 13 grips, clamps, and tape. 


  • Offers outstanding grip.
  • Ideal for arthritis patients.
  • Includes useful accessories.
  • Oversize grip for larger hands.


  • Difficult to install.
  • It becomes slippery when it’s wet.

If you want to buy golf grips with more accessories, Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf Grip is perfect for you. In addition, senior arthritis patients would enjoy using these grips. 

5. Winn EXCEL WRAP – Best Replacement

Winn EXCEL WRAP Golf Grip comes in a set of 13 grips, and the black color makes it look attractive. These are the oversize grips for senior golfers to help them play with ease.

The excel material offers comfortable tackiness and ultra-comfort. So, you don’t have to grip the club with more pressure or force. This way, seniors will not have to ask for help from others; they can do it themselves.

winn excel wrap golf grip

The shock absorption feature makes these golf grips suitable for beginners also. So as you age and you want to learn golf, these golf grips will help you do it.

Replace your old grips with these outstanding best golf grips for seniors. You’ll be glad to know that this product is more than easy to install. So, you don’t have to worry that your time will waste on difficult installing procedures.


  • Easy to grip.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Installation is not difficult.
  • Offers tremendous performance.


  • It’s expensive.

Winn EXCEL WRAP is the best golf grip for seniors that ensures ultra convenience. With its offered lighter pressure, you can swing higher. In addition, it is easier to install than other grips available in the market.

6. Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT – Best Soft Golf Grips

Do you want a best golf grip for seniors with perfect shock absorption? Winns new DriTac LT golf grip is a fantastic product offering shock absorption to make you play like a pro. It also comes with many other handy features sufficient to make it a desirable golf grip for seniors. 

You can use it in all weather conditions very comfortably. Even if it’s raining, it will not slip off of your hands. So seniors can enjoy playing golf no matter what’s the weather outside.

Winn Grips Dritac LT

Gripping it will be a fabulous experience as it fits more comfortably in your hands. So seniors can do it themselves.

By providing better control, it puts less pressure on your hands and wrist. No matter if seniors are having any hand injury or arthritis, they can still enjoy their gameplay. It will let you play with light grip pressure that will lead to lesser pain.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Features shock absorption.
  • Ensures light grip pressure.
  • Perfect for arthritis patients.


  • Average quality material.

Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT comes with all the features that any golfer would be looking for. It features shock absorption, water resistance, and lighter grip pressure for a premium gaming experience.

7. Karma Arthritic Golf Grip Kit – Best Jumbo Size

The Karma arthritic grip is the fantabulous golf grip for seniors that offers smoother gameplay by giving a better grip over the club. Its outstanding features will definitely astonish you. The sturdy construction of the grip lets beginners and professionals play comfortably.

Some golfers put much pressure on their hands and shoulders in a struggle to strike high. But this would not be the case here.

Karma Arthritic Grips

You will be striking high but with less straining your body. Enjoy the tension-free hold because its oversize reduces the excessive pressure to make the golfers play in a relaxed manner.

The round-shaped grip with a full-textured outer layer gives a phenomenal gaming experience. Moreover, it comes with all the essential accessories which help you install it with ease.

You not only get a kit of 13 grips but the solvent, tape, and vise clamp also. The overall weight of a single grip is 66 grams that are perfect for every golf club.


  • Good for arthritis.
  • Efficient grip design.
  • Minimizes grip pressure.
  • Includes handy accessories.


  • Some customers may feel the surface rough.

Karma arthritic grip comes with all the features you might be looking for. The structure is eye-catchy which gives a better feel also. It is suitable for seniors with arthritis because it offers minimal pressure on your hands and wrist.

8. Winn DriTac Wrap Copper Grip Bundle – Best New One

Winn DriTac Wrap golf grips are manufactured by the well-known company Winn which produces premium quality grips ever. With a softer grip, it gives a very soothing feel to the senior golfers, even those who are struggling with arthritis.

The round shape of the grip makes it easier to fit perfectly in the fists.

Winn DriTac Wrap Copper Grips Bundle

The 50 grams weight grip is ideal for beginner seniors who are not used to picking more weighty clubs.  If you have large hands, be happy, these grips are just the right choice for you. 

Golf is an outdoor game where golfers have to face different environmental conditions. What if you are passionate about playing, but your golf grip is slipping off your hands due to rain? You either wait for the bright sunny days or change the grip. But having these golf grips, you can play even in rains because it has an anti-slippery structure. 


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Non-slippery surface.
  • Perfect for large hands.
  • Offers an excellent soft grip. 


  • Installing is a bit hard.

Winn DriTac Wrap golf grips are designed for larger hands and are quite a great option for arthritis. The softer grip makes you play with ease. Moreover, it is better to use even in wet environmental conditions. 

9. JumboMax Tour Series – Best Senior Golfers Grips

Are you irritated by your previous golf grips that don’t give a good feel? Then, try the JumboMax Tour Series Golf Grip to experience the tremendous feeling that lets you enjoy every moment of your game.

With better tackiness, it helps you grip the club with lesser pressure or force. So, it doesn’t strain your hands or body rather keeps you more relaxed.

JumboMax Tour Series Grips Bundle

The deep-textured structure of the grip gives a perfect gripping experience. In addition, it takes your golf to another level by offering better shock absorption. That’s why you can strike high with this superb grip because it can handle the vibrations perfectly.  

The bundle of 13 grips is sufficient for multiple uses, so you pay less and get more. Also, if you are a senior who doesn’t enjoy frequent purchases, this pack is for you.


  • Deep textured surface.
  • Comes with shock absorption.
  • Ensures improved performance.
  • Gives a better feel and tackiness.


  • Average quality material.
  • Doesn’t include accessories. 

JumboMax Tour Series Golf Grip offers a better feel and tackiness to make you play golf like a professional. With shock absorption and perfect grip, it takes your gameplay to the next level. 

Best Golf Grips for Seniors Buying Guide

It’s essential to keep the following points in view when buying the best golf grips for seniors. 

Material of The Grip

Material matters a lot when you are searching for the best golf grips for seniors. Different materials have different benefits, but the rubber and cord grips are ideal for senior players. You should choose any of the two that suit your requirements. 

The rubber golf grips are soft and non-slippery. The thing that makes them more suitable for senior golfers is their soft grip. The golfers don’t have to grip the club tightly because rubber grips fit tight in the hands. 

The cord grips are the ones with threads on the rubber structure. Compared to rubber grips, the cord grips are hard, stable, and non-slippery in wet atmospheric conditions. Therefore, the senior players who are fond of using grips with a firm hold can go for this material. 

Size of The Grip

The size of the golf grip depends on the situation. If directionality matters to you at a point in time, choose the thicker grip. On the other hand, a thinner grip is better to use when striking swings from a distance. 

M60 size is ideal for men and L58 for women. The numbers indicate the internal diameter of the grips. But the diameter, along with the size, can affect the grip’s thickness.

Grip’s Firmness

Golf grip firmness is one of the necessary factors to focus on when buying a grip. Especially the senior golfers must check out the grip’s firmness to play well. The firm grips’ better torsion control makes the golfers swing high. In addition, the firm grips don’t put pressure on the golfer’s hands or shoulders but enhance the speed of every swing. 


Here our discussion about the best golf grips for seniors comes to an end, but let us further simplify your selection.

  • Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip is our top pick. It comes with all the features that any golfer would like their grip to contain. In addition, for superior control, it comes with a wrap style that ensures a comfortable grip. 
  • Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT is the best budget golf grip ensuring enormous performance. Though it is available at less price, it is not least in any way from its competitors.
  • If you are willing to spend more price to get outclass quality grips, then have a look at our high-end product. It is JumboMax Tour Series Grips Bundle which puts less pressure on our joints. So, with less exertion, it makes you play smoothly. It means you get what you pay for.