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Are you searching for the best golf shoe bag for keeping muddy footwear away from other golf gear? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The golf shoe bag is a must for taking the shoes from the golf course to home and vice versa. Because stuffing the dirty shoes in a golf bag can make all other things grubby too. Moreover, for adopting a modern golf travel lifestyle, you should focus on using proper golf bags not only for clubs but for shoes also. 

Plentiful options of golf shoe bags are available in the market than you expect. But first, you should decide which bag suits your requirements and style. Make sure you choose a shoe bag having ample capacity, extra pockets, and proper ventilation. 

If you are buying a shoe bag for the first time, you may get trapped. That’s why we are providing you the basic knowledge and list of reliable products to select the desired one without any issue.

Our Recommendation

Top Rated

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 9.8 x 1.5 inches

Budget Friendly

IZZO Golf 90592 Shoe Bag
  • Color:  blue/black
  • Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 12 inches

High End

FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag
  • Color: Navy
  • Dimensions: 24 x 35 x 11 cm

Top 8 Best Golf Shoe Bags Review

If you are eager to purchase the best golf shoe bag but don’t know about new models’  innovative features, be relaxed? We are here to solve your problem. We have hard-working researchers in our team who keenly search for reliable products. They examine minute details of every product and go for only ones that are rich in user-friendly features. 

Best golf shoe bags

As we are bringing the top brand best golf shoe bags, that’s why you can choose any of them with full confidence. These shoe bags will never let down their users. But if your budget is tight and you are thinking, may this place is not meant for you, you’re not right. We have added top-notch brands’ low-price products to our list to make everyone try excellent shoe bags. 

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Athletico Golf Shoe Bag Athletico Golf Shoe Bag Color: Grey
Material: 600D polyester fabric
Open Type: yes
For Men/Women: unisex
Item Dimensions: 15.7 x 9.8 x 1.5 inches
Check Price
FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag FootJoy Genuine Bag Color: Navy
Material: polyester
Open Type: Full open type
Item Dimensions: 24 (W) x 35 (L) x 11 (H) (cm)
Check Price
Callaway Golf Shoe Bag Callaway Shoe Bag Color:  ‎Black
Material: Nylon
Open Type: yes
Item Dimensions: 9. 25” x 5” x 14”
Check Price
adidas Golf Shoe Bag Adidas Shoe Bag Color:  ‎Grey Melange
Material: 100% polyester
Open Type: yes
Item Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.2 x3.5 inches
Check Price
Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag Color:  ‎Pink
Material: Polyester
Open Type: yes
Item Dimensions: 13.38 x 9 x 5.51 inches
Check Price
IZZO Golf 90592 Shoe Bag IZZO Golf #90592 Shoe Bag Color:  blue/black
Material: Nylon
Open Type: yes
Item Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 12 inches
Check Price
Stripe Golf Shoe Bag Stripe Golf Shoe Bag Color:  
Material: 600D polyester fabric
Open Type: Yes
Item Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 6 inches
Check Price
Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag Athletico Executive Bag Color:  Black
Material: 1680 denier Ballistic Nylon
Open Type: Yes
Item Dimensions: 15.47 x 10.28 x 1.73 inches
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1. Athletico – Top Rated Golf Shoe Bag 

Are you looking for the best golf shoe bag that has a better ventilation system? Stop here, Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is the one you are searching for. It comes with the mesh zone running from top to bottom of the bag’s sides. With this incredible feature, the air will flow in to reduce the moisture, which will result in smell dissipation.

You’ll love this versatile shoe bag that accommodates large-sized men’s shoes conveniently. Not only is it perfect for golf shoes, but you can also use it for various occasions. You can put running shoes, business shoes, basketball shoes, gym shoes, or heels in it. 

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag

The side pockets are added on both sides for convenient storage of socks, tees, balls, wallet, phone, keys, etc.

It is constructed with 600 Denier polyester, which can resist mud and dirt and keeps your shoes safe from weather hazards. Moreover, this construction is sturdy enough to last for longer no matter how frequently you use it. It will not tear after a short time as cheaper bags do. 

If your pockets are not too deep, you can still get this superb bag because it is available at an affordable price. But don’t worry, its price is low, not the quality.


  • Includes side pockets.
  • Available at a low price.
  • Durable polyester fabric. 
  • Mesh zone for ventilation.
  • Offers money-back guarantee.


  • It’s a bit flimsy.

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is a remarkable shoe bag with ample storage area. The side pockets are also sufficient for keeping golf accessories. It is lightweight, durable, and perfect for keeping your golf shoes secure and safe.

2. FootJoy Genuine – Best Shoe Carrier

FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag is a phenomenal golf shoe bag that looks appealing and attractive even at first sight. Its navy color gives it a more sophisticated and elegant look. Though its design is simple but it is still attractive and eye-catchy. It comes with material that every quality lover would desire to have. The polyester construction is durable, heavy-duty, and sturdy.

Other than the main compartment, a pocket for accessories at the front makes the essentials easily accessible. You can keep installation tools, valuables, or golf spikes in the small pocket. 

FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag

The mesh at the sides lets the shoes breathe and smell fresh instead of producing a bad odor. Moreover, the shoes get dry on their own if you put wet footwear inside. 

No matter how large your shoe size is, this best golf shoe bag can fit any size perfectly. The bag fully opens to let you keep the shoes and get them out easily. The zipper is convenient to grip and glide across the bag with greater ease. 

Transporting the bag from one place to another is not that difficult as it features a robust handle for carrying. The big handle provides more space for your hand to grab it comfortably.


  • Robust handle. 
  • Good ventilation.
  • Polyester construction. 
  • Includes a pocket for accessories.


  • It may smell at unboxing.

If you are in search of a simple yet classy best golf shoe bag, FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag is perfect for you. It is constructed with durable material and includes an accessories pocket also. This bag is quite commodious because it can accommodate large-size shoes conveniently. 

3. Callaway – Best Shoe Bag

Callaway Golf Shoe Bag is an incredible product that offers enormous features. The nylon fabric is used to make this fantastic shoe bag. The nylon is more tough, elastic, and easy to wash. So, it is easy to maintain and clean. You’ll also love the other phenomenal features that make it stand out among other golf shoe bags. 

The design is highly remarkable as the zipper opens the entire front part to place the shoes effortlessly. Additionally, the easy-glide zipper doesn’t bother the user as it runs smoothly from one corner to another. 

Callaway Golf Shoe Bag

If your golfer loved one’s birthday is about to come, there is no better gift than this best golf shoe bag. That person will always remember and appreciate you for giving such a great present.

The wet shoes can produce an unbearable odor when placed in an airtight bag. But that would not be the case here. The dual side vents are designed on this bag to let the air come inside to make the shoes get dry easily.

Carrying a bag irritates a lot if it is not having a proper handle. But holding this bag is not an issue. The padded grip handle helps the users to pick the bag with ultra-convenience.


  • Easy-glide zipper.
  • Durable nylon fabric.
  • Air vents at both sides. 
  • Comfortable grip handle.


  • No extra pocket for accessories.

Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection Shoe Bag is one of the best golf shoe bags having a roomy compartment. The air vents at both sides provide enormous airflow. The zipper is sturdy and easy to glide. Overall, it is a great bag because of its durable construction and superb features.  

4. Adidas – Men Golf Shoe Bag

Are you want to have a stylish and lightweight golf shoe bag, don’t go away. Here is the Adidas Golf Shoe Bag which is super light to carry and fascinates the users by its appealing design. The low weight makes it a highly portable product, and it provides to be a better companion for long distances. 

As a good ventilation system is a must for golf shoe bags, this bag is also having a mesh construction at the back of the bag. The mesh fabric is not at the full length of the sides or more area of the back of the bag. The company should focus on this feature to add more value to it. 

adidas Golf Shoe Bag

This best golf shoe bag is made up of 100% polyester and is fit for large shoes. It provides ample space for bigger footwear so that users can put their shoes in the bag comfortably. 

A zipper pocket is available at the front for keeping valuables and golf accessories. The pocket’s frontal position helps you grab the desired object instantly. The convenient handle makes the bag easy to grab. You can take it anywhere with ease because of its comfortable handle.

This bag is perfect in all aspects. If it gets dirty, washing is not a big issue to worry about. You can wash it by hand in a few minutes. 


  • Fit for large shoes. 
  • Easy to grip handle.
  • One front zipped pocket.
  • 100% Polyester construction.


  • A bit flimsy.

adidas Golf Shoe Bag is a lightweight, easy to wash, and convenient to grab bag. It has more space for bigger shoes. The front pocket gives an additional place for golf gear and other essentials. 

5. Getfitsoo – Best Shoe Carrier Luggage

Do you want to buy the best golf shoe bag that takes less storage space when not in use? Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag is just made for you. It is a useful bag with many tremendous features, one of them is its convenient storage. Its design allows to fold the sides towards mid, and it’s ready for storage. You can keep it in any small cabinet, among other golf accessories.

One major issue of shoe bags is the smell which irritates a lot. But that’s not the case here. This bag comes with mesh holes that ensure proper airflow for making the shoe dry which reduces the smell. 

Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag

Keep your favorite shoes in this bag and feel relaxed, as your footwear will remain safe from dust there. Not only dust, but it provides protection against moisture too. So, you can use this golf shoe bag as a travel bag also. 

At the top, there is a handle for ensuring convenient holding when you are on your way to the golf course. Moreover, you can use the handle for hanging the bag on closet shelves. 

Many customers are much concerned about the zipper in shoe bags as it is the essential part of a bag. That’s why manufacturers of Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag have added luggage-grade zippers. You can close or open the bag comfortably because the zipper will move smoothly throughout its lifespan.


  • Convenient handle.
  • Eye-catchy design.
  • Incredible foldable design.
  • Dust and moisture-proof.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly.


  • Lacks side pockets.

Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag is an easy-to-use bag that can be stored without deforming its shape. The zipper slides swiftly to make you open the bag with ease. The mesh holes make the airflow possible to make the shoes breathe and don’t produce a smell. 

6- IZZO Golf #90592 – Best Bag for Shoes

IZZO Golf #90592 Shoe Bag is the best golf shoe bag offering all that a golfer requires. It is designed to make you keep your golf shoes clean and secure. It is providing huge room for placing even the large size shoes comfortably. If you have large feet and are looking for a bag that can easily fit in huge shoes, it is appropriate for you. Because it can hold up to 14 shoe sizes.

If we look at its internal structure, it has a water-resistant lining inside the bag, making it safe from any moisture. On the other hand, ventilated side panels let the shoes breathe and become dry naturally. The ventilation panel is perfect for reducing the smell that produces when damp shoes are packed. 

IZZO Golf 90592 Shoe Bag

It also comes with an internal pocket which gives extra storage capacity for spike tools and spare spikes. By featuring amazing features, this bag is the right choice for your golf shoes and other essentials. 

You can grab it with the convenient handle for taking it anywhere with ease. The handle is at the top, making you hold the bag or hang it effortlessly. Along with that, the easy-glide zipper runs from one side to another side smoothly.


  • User-friendly design.
  • Water-resistant lining.
  • Ventilated side panels. 
  • Inner pocket for accessories.  


  • Average stitching.

IZZO Golf #90592 Shoe Bag is a remarkable product with a water-resistant lining, an internal storage pocket, and a ventilated side panel. Ample storage space can fit in shoe sizes up to 14  and contains a sturdy handle. 

7. Murray Sporting Goods – Best Travel Shoe Bag 

Are you in search of a bag that is suitable for different occasions? This best golf shoe bag is made for various purposes like soccer shoes, baseball shoes, dress shoes, and basketball shoes. So, you can use it for other matters when not placing golf shoes in it.  

The 600D polyester fabric is reliable, durable, and long-lasting. One fascinating feature of this golf shoe bag is that it is lightweight, which makes it a perfect travel bag. The breathable design makes the shoes get dry over time. The side mesh pockets prevent bad odor by regulating the airflow. Moreover, providing more space for putting larger shoes comfortably.

Stripe Golf Shoe Bag

There are two pockets available at the sides of the bag for golf tees, gloves, balls, and golf divot tools. The cushioned handle is easy to hold that’s why you can pick it up comfortably without straining your hands. 

The easy-glide zipper makes putting the shoes in and out of the bag super easy. 

The durable fabric is not only built to last longer but also withstands any harsh environmental conditions. It resists dirt and mud for making its cleaning a breeze. So, you can use it with full confidence for keeping your golf shoes secure.


  • Fits in large-size shoes.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Long mesh ventilation holes.
  • Side pockets for golf accessories.


  • Average quality zipper.

Murray Sporting Goods Golf Shoe Bag is a superb golf bag perfect for different uses. It is a lightweight and durable bag with an easy-glide zipper. Two side pockets are made for accommodating golf accessories.

8. Athletico Executive – Best ladies golf shoe bag 

Are you want to buy a gift for your golfer friend? Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag is the best golf shoe bag with a gift box and luggage ID tag. The gift box has a magnetic close flap and white paper sleeve for making you pack the bag easily. Your friend will definitely love this incredible gift. 

The elegant and classic design of the bag is what makes thousands of people its fan. Not only its design is eye-catchy, but the sturdy 1680 denier material is also too impressive. The leather luggage tag adds more meaning to its classy look. 

Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag

The special thing about this bag is that it is not only meant to use for golf shoes. It is a right fit for many occasions. You can take it along when traveling, cycling, or moving to the gym. Its unisex design allows you to share it with your spouse when she needs it. 

It is constructed to provide space for more shoe pairs while accommodating up to 14 size men’s shoes without any issue.

Along with the main storage compartment, side pockets are also available for storing balls, socks, tees, etc. The premium details enhance the value of the Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag and make it stand apart from others.


  • Large side pockets. 
  • Ballistic nylon fabric
  • Robust brass zippers. 
  • Luxury quality details.


  • Lacks address card.

Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag is a unique bag that features a luggage ID tag and a sleek black-colored gift box. It comes with 1680D nylon fabric, brass zippers, a Vegan leather tag, and dual side pockets. It provides a roomy area for large-size shoes.

Best Golf Shoe Bags Buying Guide 

Picking the perfect shoe bag is a bit challenging, so keep the following points in mind to get a quality bag. Have a look at some of the essential points you must keep in focus when buying the best golf shoe bag. 

1. Durability 

One of the most essential features to look for in a shoe bag is durability. The tough exterior makes the bag withstand some of the abuse it may come across. If the bag is water-resistant, that would be a plus point. The double stitching, robust inner lining, sturdy zippers, and padded handle make the bag more durable.

2- Storage Capacity

The best golf shoe bag should have enough capacity to fit in the shoes of your foot size. If the bag has a small storage compartment, it would be difficult to put the shoes in or out of the bag. Moreover, the shoes will not breathe properly. Also, the appropriate storage compartment is really important for saving your shoes from deformation. 

The side pockets provide extra capacity for golf tees, balls, or other golf accessories. So, must look for a shoe bag with more pockets if you want to keep other golf gear in it.

3- Ventilation 

Are you frustrated with the annoying smell that comes from wet shoes when they are packed in an airtight bag? If yes, then you need the best golf shoe bag with mesh construction. The shoe bags with the proper ventilation system let the shoes breathe well. Adequate airflow prevents the shoes from producing a bad smell. So, go for the golf shoe bag with built-in vents or mesh material for keeping the shoes fresher.

4- Convenient Handling

The best golf shoe bag with easy to grasp handle is highly desirable for effortless gripping. If the handle doesn’t help you hold the bag comfortably or hurt your hand, this will always be a troublesome issue.


  • Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is our top pick as it is a perfect shoe bag for carrying footwear. It is made up of heavy-duty polyester fabric. The side pockets offer extra storage capacity. For making the shoes breathe, it comes with built-in ventilation. Moreover, it will not be a burden on your wallet as it is not too pricey.
  • FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag is a high-end product with magnificent features. Its navy color is too impressive, and it opens fully for the effortless placing of the shoes. The mesh ventilation and easy-to-grab handle add more meaning to its worth. 
  • Though IZZO Golf #90592 Shoe Bag is the best budget bag but featuring all what a golfer needs in a shoe bag. Its inner lining is water-resistant, while the ventilated side panels ensure sufficient airflow. It can comfortably accommodate large-size shoes.