Can you use a hunting rangefinder for golf? Difference B/w Both Scopes

Last Updated on September 4, 2022 by Ale Monti

If you are a rangefinder user so the question “Can you use a hunting rangefinder for golf?” will come to your mind. So in this article, we will try our best to answer you and make your mind clear about this question. A rangefinder is a device used to measure the distance between you and the target. You can use it for many purposes like hunting, golf, hiking, and other sports.

can you use hunting rangefinder for golf

There are two types of rangefinders; optical and laser. The optical rangefinder works by identifying the distance to the target by measuring the time it takes for the radio pulses to bounce off each object and return. ( Check Top Best Multiple types of golf rangefinders)

In contrast, laser rangefinders calculate the distance by using a laser beam. It works by emitting laser pulses towards an item and measuring the time taken to bounce off the object. 

Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

Many rangefinders work for both hunting and golf. But it is imperative to search for the right rangefinders that can function for both hunting and golf effectively.

A hunting rangefinder has a much higher range than a golf rangefinder. So it is more appropriate to use a hunting rangefinder for golf than using a golf rangefinder for hunting. Golf rangefinders have a lower range than hunting range finders, so they aren’t ideal for both.

The rangefinders with the nearest object feature are typically working well for both hunting and golf. You can adjust the hunting rangefinder’s setting to view close objects. A rangefinder with the element of both near and distant mode is ideal to use for both. 

However, there are some challenges when using the same rangefinder for both golf and hunting. When you use a specifically designed device for another sport, it is tough to utilize the device’s maximum potential. But the cost of a multipurpose rangefinder as compared to two separate rangefinders is less expensive. 

The rangefinders like TecTecTec ProWild works best for both with its unique features. 

Golf rangefinder vs hunting rangefinder

There is a significant difference between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders when it comes to features and range. Following are the difference between both of these rangefinders:

hunting vs golf rangefinder

Target modes

Hunting and golf rangefinder use different kinds of target modes. The hunting yardage finder uses remote target mode, which helps to focus on objects that are far. On the other hand, the golf rangefinder uses the first target mode to focus on the flagstick and focus on the ball’s sight. 

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Magnification strength varies between the hunting rangefinder and the golf rangefinder. Hunting rangefinders have a higher range that can cover up to 1000 to 1500 yard range distance as hunting requires high accuracy and measurements.

In contrast, golf rangefinders have a lower range that can cover short distances up to 400 yards, as during golf, it is essential to get the sight of the ball accurately to place it in the goal. 

Battery Backing

Golf requires a long-lasting battery for the rangefinder due to frequent use of it during the game. Whenever there is a distant shot, the range finder must either check the flag or the ball’s sight. For this, the game requires a more substantial battery backing as compared to the hunting rangefinder. 

On the other hand, hunting doesn’t require regular use of the rangefinder after every shot. You just need it to locate the target. So the hunting rangefinder doesn’t require a strong battery backing as a golf rangefinder does. 

Object determination

The golf rangefinder has quick object determination compared to a hunting rangefinder to capture the moving ball’s sight. Simultaneously, the hunting range finder’s view is the clearest as it has to capture the prey’s location, but it is not as quick in reading as a golf rangefinder. 


The hunting rangefinder is more costly as compared to the golf rangefinder. The hunting rangefinders have different prices depending upon the type of lens required. The cheapest one is around 100$. The lens is an essential element in a hunting rangefinder as the view and the ability to locate the prey promptly play an integral part in the entire process.

On the other hand, golf rangefinders are cheaper and can cost around 100-400$. You can check the best golf rangefinder under $300, Under $200, Under $150, & Under $100.

What to choose now?

When looking for the difference between hunting rangefinders and golf rangefinders, the main point is functionality. Some laser rangefinders can work for both hunting and golf, but it depends on the types of features and specifications it offers. Like if you are a beginner so you can check the best golf rangefinder for beginners and if you have hands shaking issue then you must visit the best golf rangefinder for shaky hands.

 A laser range finder for both purposes may be more costly as it will require more features. But it is still less expensive as compared to purchasing different ones for hunting and golf. 


To conclude, some rangefinders have the quality and features that work for both hunting and golf. The central aspect to consider when purchasing a rangefinder for both purposes is the functionality feature. A hunting rangefinder requires a right lens with a distant target mode, while a golf rangefinder requires a first mode target with a strong battery backing.