How to change golf grips without vise | Remove & Install Club at Home

A vise offers an easy solution to how to remove golf grips. However, it can be rather expensive to buy one. Consequently, a lot of golfers adopt secondary solutions to replace their golf grips without using the vise. There are different available methods to apply grips without a vise. However, in each method, applying a new grip without vise might take the following steps:

How to change golf grip without a vise

Steps of Regripping Golf Clubs without a vice

  • Removing Golf Grip: The first step involves the removal of the old grip. You can do so using different approaches. For instance, you can use a cutter, a solvent, or even an air compressor. Once you know how you are going to do it, just gather the necessary items. Now it is time to move to the next step.
  • In the second step, you need to decide if you want to apply a new tape or not. If you’re going to keep the old tape, proceed to step four; otherwise, go to step three.
  • The third step involves the removal of the old tape. You can do so by using a solvent and then a scraper to achieve optimum results.
  • Installing Golf Grips: In the fourth step, you are going to apply the new grip. You can again decide if you want to do it using a solvent or without using a solvent. This step is optional, but a lot of golfers advise it to achieve proper regripping. However, if the tape is not sticky enough, the grip can come off while you are playing.
  • In the fifth step, you have to make sure if the grip is aligned. Each grip has markings that help you do so. Make sure you align the grip immediately after applying. If you have used a solvent and it dries before you align it, it will become difficult for you.
  • The sixth step depends on whether you used a solvent or not. Also, using a solvent is optional, but it makes your job super easy. If you have used solvent, just let the club dry for some hours, and you will be good to go.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs at Home without a Vice

Once you know what you are going to do, it is time to look at how it will work. There are different ways to accomplish these steps. Here, we are listing some famous solutions to help your questions about changing golf grips at home. You can go through them one by one and decide which one you are going to use.

Use a cutter

Using a cutter is the cheapest alternative to the vise, and yes, it will also save your time. You can use a cutter along the length of the grip to cut it. Just make sure you don’t cut too deep to leave a mark on the club’s handle. Anyways, a cutter does not pose any threat to the club’s metallic body. However, you certainly do not want any marks on the club’s surface.

 After cutting it, you can simply remove it using your hands. Moreover, don’t forget to scrape off the old tape before you move on with the steps. However, you can also keep the old tape if you are looking for installing Putter Grip without tape. In this case, apply the new grip on the old tape, and you are good to go.

Use a solvent

A solvent has multiple purposes when it comes to regripping golf clubs. You can use a solvent to remove the old grip and also for installing golf grips. A solvent loosens the grip. If you apply it to an older grip, it becomes loose enough to remove with your hands. Afterward, you can scrape off the old tape with a scraper.

Also, you can apply some solvent to the inner side of the new grip. You have to close one end of the grip with your finger and add some solvent from the other end. Shake it well, and it will become loose enough, and then you can apply in a single push. After this, just let it dry for a couple of hours, and voila! You have done it.

Use your feet

Using your feet is perhaps the foremost solution to this problem. Try holding the golf club’s face firmly in between your feet. Afterward, gently cut the old grip or apply a solvent to it and remove the grip. Also, you can scrape off the old tape or keep it if you do not want to use a new tape. After this, you can lift the club and hold it vertically and apply some solvent.

However, make sure not to do it on a floor or surface you cannot wash. Once you have done this step, hold the club again with your feet and apply the new grip. If you know how to change golf grips using a vise, this method might seem a bit cumbersome. Anyways, it’s inexpensive and extremely easy to adapt once you have enough practice.

Use the kitchen sink

Place the club handle on the sink shelf and use a cutter to cut the old grip. Once you have removed the old grip and scrapped off the tape, bring the club to your kitchen sink. Now, you can position the club handle in the sink and apply some solvent. The excess solvent will drip into the sink rather than on the floor.

Now, you can keep the club on the sink surface and apply the new grip. On the other hand, you can also pick up the club and place it in the middle of your feet. Any of these methods are effective and depend on your choice and ease. However, using a kitchen sink is a relatively cleaner process. Also, it becomes quite easy to wash the excess solvent.

Use an air compressor

An air compressor helps you loosen the old grip and answers your question about how to install golf grips. Just insert the needle or the nozzle of the air compressor underneath the old grip. Resultantly, the grip will be loose enough, and you can easily remove it with your hands. Again, do not forget to scrape off the old tape and apply the new one before applying the new grip.

However, an air compressor is a viable method but a bit tricky for a beginner. But, it can still be expensive if you do not have one. Therefore, do not buy a new air compressor just for this process as it will be better to buy a vise instead of an air compressor. Nonetheless, if you have one lying around in your home, you are good to use it.


All these solutions have their pros and cons, but some things are common to all of them. They are really easy to adapt to, they are inexpensive, and also fast enough. However, it is entirely your choice which method you find the most suitable for yourself. Once you are used to any of these methods, you will not need a vise for regripping your clubs.