How to Become a Golf Pro

A golf professional is a person who teaches other golfers or plays golf himself for his bread and butter. The golf pro term is not only used for golfers who are experts in playing this incredible game. Anyone could be a golf professional, from a resort or club’s manager to a coach who trains other golfers. But what is common among all golfers is the passion that compels them to play for hours every day. Professional golfers play important tours like the PGA tour for excelling in their careers. 

Types of Golf Pro

A golf pro can be either a touring pro, instructor, or club pro. All of these professions come with different responsibilities, needs, and technical skills. Every golfer wants to be a touring professional, but if it doesn’t come true, they become an instructor or a club professional. No matter which position you take as a golfer, constant practice and usage of the right rules and techniques are important. 

Pro Golfers/Tournament Golfers

Pro Golfers are also named tournament golfers and touring professionals. These golfers travel internationally and play major tournaments. You may have watched professional golfers on television, in magazines, or in commercials.

The best golfers compete passionately to earn money while they get more income through their sponsors. The talented and hardworking golfers put all their efforts and dedication into reaching up this level.

Club Professionals 

The club professionals are experts in running golf courses and teach the golfers about golf tactics. The club pros are responsible for daily management, advising golfers about using the right equipment like the best golf rangefinder and best golf clubs. Also, club pros help golfers in maintaining the course and all of its matters. 

Golf Instructors 

Golf instructors are skilled golfers who give verbal instructions and physical training of the gameplay. They focus on the weaknesses of the students and guide them about how they should improve their game. Golf instructors working for a resort or club have to fulfill other responsibilities, including supervising caddies, managing junior instructors, and the club’s pro shop. 

How Can You Become a Golf Pro 

Every golfer, whether a touring pro, club professional, or instructor, has different responsibilities for becoming a golf pro. A touring professional requires only PGA certification or LPGA (Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association) membership. The golf pros keep on practicing at the amateur level to rank high for playing the large tournaments. If a golfer has talent and great luck, plus he is a hard worker, he can pursue a successful career as a golf pro. 

As far as requirements for instructors and club professionals are concerned, they are a bit strict. They have to get a PGA certification to be recognized as a professional golfer. They are known as experts across the globe because of their dedication to golf and the skill they develop over time.

Getting PGA certification is not that easy as it seems. Years of hard training and diligence are a must for becoming a golf pro. A competent golfer should be perfect in every aspect of the game, whether teaching or managing tours. Passing Playing Aptitude Test will be proof of your golfing ability. 

How Beginners can Become a Golf Pro

Beginners have to put all their efforts into becoming a pro. Full dedication, constant practice, and perseverance are what can make a golfer “Pro”. As a beginner, you should take a few steps to move ahead in this field relatively faster.

Develop Your Skills

  • It is essential to start playing golf as soon as possible. If you are a youngster and inspired by some golf pro and want to be like him, it’s time to start chasing your dream. And if you’re an adult, don’t waste your time waiting for the right moment to come.
  • Start taking golf lessons. If you are playing golf for years, you still need to take lessons to become a pro. It will help you get feedback from an instructor who will keep an eye on minute details of your performance. Search for the best instructor around you to get started.
  • You should practice this game consistently for reaching up to the level of a professional golfer. Save some time every day for playing short games. In the beginning, spend 10 hours a week on the golf course to make it your routine. Then extend this time to 20 hours a week after some time.

Search for New Opportunities

  • For mastering golf, individual efforts matter a lot but along with that, judge your performance by competing with others. Find someone who can play golf with you regularly. It will accelerate the speed of your performance. If no one is around there who can play with you, then no worries, you can search online for some local golf partner.
  • The next step is to join a local golf club. There are various benefits of joining a club. It will help you polish your skills by playing continuously with some experienced golfers. Other local golfers will share their experience and be an example to follow or give you a tough time refining your abilities. This way, you’ll get opportunities to participate in local tournaments or find some other great chances of proceeding ahead. 

Going Pro

Becoming a golf pro is difficult but not impossible. Obviously, great things take some time to happen. Nothing occurs in split seconds. You have to work day and night to achieve a high goal. But if you walk in the right direction, the time duration contracts a bit.

Try to compete in multiple professional tournaments to gain experience and exposure to new avenues. If you have enough time and budget, don’t stop; keep on playing. This way, you may find any potential sponsor who can give you a breakthrough.


Let’s sum up your query of how to become a golf pro in less time. If you are a beginner, then consistency is more required. Slowly develop your routine of playing golf every day and then increase the playtime. Play amateur tournaments to get exposure to the real golf world. 

If you are playing golf for a long time and want to become a pro, you have to put less effort than a beginner. You know how to play but didn’t work on finding ways to show your talent to the world. Join local golf clubs and play more local or regional tournaments to exceed in your profession. In short, constant struggle and finding the right opportunities to show your talent will help you become a golf pro sooner.