How to increase clubhead speed? Experts’ Opinions & Tips

Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by Kristen Ellis

Are you a golf lover? If yes, then you are definitely in search of ways how to increase clubhead speed. Golfers know that clubhead speed is one of the largest factors in golf swings. In this article, we will elaborate on how to increase clubhead speed. It is not easy; rather, it involves some techniques. If you get to know those techniques, it will help you increase your clubhead speed. 

Before proceeding to “how to increase clubhead speed?” let’s briefly discuss clubhead speed. Later on, we will discuss the ways to increase clubhead speed.

how to increase clubhead speed

Clubhead speed

There is a relation between the Clubhead speed and the speed of the ball. The speed of the ball is directly proportional to the clubhead speed. The faster the clubhead speed is, the farther ball will travel.

The energy we apply to the club head is transmitted to the golf ball, causing it to move further. In short, the greater the clubhead speed, the faster the ball will travel.

Let’s jump to our topic on how to increase clubhead speed.

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Ways to increase clubhead speed?

Generally, there are many ways, methods, or techniques to increase clubhead speed. But here, we will discuss 4 super easy ways to increase clubhead speed. The 4 ways of increasing club head speed are as follows:

  • Swing technique
  • Overspeed training
  • Weight or strength training
  • Flexibility training

Swing technique

To increase clubhead speed, you must improve the swing technique first. 

Every golfer’s body moves differently. That’s why there doesn’t need to be a specific swing technique for every golfer. The swing depends upon the golfer’s body. Improving your swing technique will ultimately increase clubhead speed.

Overspeed training 

Overspeed training plays an important role in increasing clubhead speed. Before playing golf, you must buy some weight and put it on the club. Afterward, swing it 4 to 5 times. It will automatically increase club speed.

Although Overspeed training has some drawbacks or disadvantages, i.e., it can affect your swing techniques, etc. 

Weight or strength training

Weight or strength training also plays a significant role in increasing clubhead speed. Doing weight training means building muscles. However, some people think having big biceps, and strong muscles will help you hit the ball faster, but they are mistaken. It will not help you to increase clubhead speed.

During strength training, you should focus on abdominal muscles, forearms, and hip muscles. These muscles play an important role in increasing clubhead speed.

In short, if the correct muscles are focused on weight training, it might help you to increase clubhead speed.

Flexibility training

Golf is all about swing and flexibility. Like other sports, it doesn’t require much energy and strength. The more you have flexibility, the more chances you have of increasing clubhead speed. 

Flexibility training and strength training are both interconnected. For strength training, we recommend you hire a personal trainer. He will guide you properly.

Physical fitness

Professional golfers know which parts of the body are more utilized or play an important role while playing golf. That’s why they spend their time in the gym targeting and focusing on those areas to increase their clubhead speed. 

Spending their time is not for building muscles but for working out on the body parts that play an important role while playing golf. So focusing on those areas plays an important role in increasing clubhead speed.

Monitoring progress

It is the most important point that you have to consider. You have to monitor the progress on which you have been working; for example, if you go to the gym, you should monitor the progress caused by the workout. 

All training and workouts will be useless if they do not affect your clubhead speed, so monitor your progress.

To monitor your progress, we recommend a golf launch monitor that will monitor your progress and give you the best advice.

Recording your swings is another way of monitoring your progress. It almost takes a minimum of one second to complete one swing. Monitor it and work on those areas which require progress.


Backwings play various roles in increasing clubhead speed. It also increases your flexibility which will ultimately help to increase clubhead speed.

Grip and clubhead speed

Choosing the right grip matters! If you want to increase clubhead speed, choose a grip between your fingers and palm rather than one that only holds your palm. It will provide maximum swing and increase clubhead speed.

Body position

A good body position is required to increase clubhead speed. Professional golfers concentrate on body position while playing. Make sure to take some tips from professional golfers regarding body position.


These are some of the tips for increasing clubhead speed. We hope these tips will help you a lot. All the ways and methods that are elaborated on above have both advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to look at each method’s advantages and disadvantages. 


The method that we recommend to you is the flexibility one. It doesn’t have such disadvantages. Besides all the advantages, the flexibility method will help you to increase the clubhead speed. 

Try each method to know which factor will affect clubhead speed more. After trying these methods, please point out the advantages and drawbacks and work on them. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.