Why oversize golf grips improve your game? | Large & Jumbo Size effects

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Kristen Ellis

A golf grip is a necessary element for the golfer. What are the benefits of oversize golf grips? Does oversize grip improve your game? All these points will be discussed in this article. Nowadays, large golf grips are popular among golfers as they have some benefits, and more oversized grips improve your game too.

why over size grip can improve your game

Mostly, golfers prefer using a standard-size golf grip as it is perfect for one who wears a medium or large size glove. A Jumbo golf grip is ideal for someone with larger hands or problems like hooking or discomfort. An oversized golf grip is necessary for these people to improve their game. You can also check the best golf grips for big hands to help select the best one.

A golfer knows a good golf grip is necessary for complete control over a shot. An oversized golf grip is essential if a golfer faces problems with the palm, wrist, etc.

Oversize Golf Grip Benefits

A more oversized grip on golf clubs helps a golfer in many ways. Golf grip size affects grip pressure, comfort, and wrist action. A brief description of these factors is discussed below:

Grip pressure

The pressure that applies to a golf grip affects the quality of the swing. Too much pressure or too little pressure can harm your game. If you are playing in humid weather, the best golf grips for humid will improve your game performance.

The large grip helps you to apply more pressure on the grip rather than on your fingers. If you have a small golf grip, you will easily grab it, yet grab it harder, increasing grip pressure. Too much increase in grip pressure ultimately leads to poor shots.

Comfort and pain relief

A more oversized grip on golf clubs helps to give you more comfort. It will ultimately allow golfers to control the game. By using an oversized grip, you have to bend your fingers less. Also, seniors or professional golfers use a mid-size or oversize golf grip to improve their game. Using a standard-size golf grip, you have to bend your finger to hold a tight grip which leads to pain in your fingers and provides discomfort. Hands feel more comfortable while using a jumbo golf grip.

Wrist action 

The players with wrist action in their swing for their jumbo grip on the driver can be helpful. 

If you are not a pro player or cannot play golf with accuracy, an oversize grip can help you play the game accurately.


The trajectory or flight part of the ball is based on the player’s grip. An oversized grip can help a player play the game with more accuracy. The oversized grip can also help a player feel comfortable playing a game.


If a golfer uses a large or oversize grip, he has much control over his shot. An oversize grip helps a golfer to have accurate control over his game. People who face difficulty playing golf or have no control over the game or shot must try a thick golf grip to improve their game. 

How do oversize golf grips improve the game?

Here the questions also arise, does oversize golf grip improve the game? If yes, then how? And why use oversize golf grips?

The answers are pretty simple. It’s evident that a big grip, when used by golfers, benefits them in many ways; as discussed above, a large grip helps a golfer feel more comfortable, also helps to hold grip pressure, etc. So it’s pretty clear that it will improve the game. 

Pro golfers continuously try their level best to play their game in the best manner. For this, they might sometimes use different cubs and shafts, or sometimes they also use different grips to play better. There are many reasons why you should use an oversize grip. The reason such as people who have large hands ultimately uses oversize grips so that they can play easily, etc. The oversized grip also affects the wrist action and ball trajectory of people with larger hands. Also, if you have arthritis or any other pain, an oversize grip is helpful for you. Check out the best golf grips for arthritic hands if you have arthritis.

Overall, the benefits and why and how does a jumbo or large golf grip improve your game? All points are discussed above. If you are still confused, explore the overall best golf grips. You will find the best one according to your requirements.

Are oversize golf grips suitable for you?

Here are more points to help you determine if an oversized or large golf grip suits you. You can conclude it by yourself. The points are as follows:

  • If you feel discomfort while playing with a standard golf grip, then a jumbo grip is for you.
  • If you struggle a lot for the accurate shot but can’t make it, no worries, try a big golf grip. It will help you.
  • A thick grip is recommended if you tire or feel pain after playing only some shots.
  • Last but not least and more obvious, if you have large hands, use an oversized grip for wrist action and accurate shots.
  • If you are not using gloves during the game, try using the best golf grips for no gloves, which will relieve your hands.


Lastly, an oversized golf grip doesn’t need to be appropriate for people with large hands. It is also sometimes suitable for people having small hands. If you have small hands and your wrist action is not good or somehow bad, you should go for a standard-size golf grip rather than a too-big golf grip because using an oversized golf grip and having small hands will affect your game. So, select your golf grip according to your comfort and ease.

We hope this article will help you in concluding why an oversize golf grip improves your game and the benefits of an oversize golf grip. Select the correct size grip to play with more accuracy and comfort.