Standard vs Midsize Golf Grips

Last Updated on October 25, 2022 by Ale Monti

The main difference between standard-size golf grips and mid-size golf grips is the suitability as per the size of your hands. The standard size grips are ideal for experienced and old golfers, and mid-size golf grips are suitable for golfers with arthritis and hand pain. If you wear medium or large-sized gloves, standard grips are for you. Besides, if you wear oversized gloves, you should opt for mid-size golf grips.

It is crucial to understand where to place your hands on the grip. When understanding this logic, it becomes very essential to use the best size grip. A golf grip is the only thing that is attached to your golf club. Without the best-sized grip, there is no other way that provides precision and proper striking that every golfer needs in the game. A proper grip size automatically places your hands on the grip where they should be.

The size of your hand is a great factor when choosing the size of the grip. If you want good control, feel, and maximum power, you must use multiple grips to determine which one best fits your hands. Replace a grip during gameplay and check which grip suits you the most. Here, we’ll discuss the standard and midsize golf grips that will help you choose the ideal one for yourself.

Standard Vs Midsize Golf Grips

Choosing a midsize or standard golf grip totally depends on the size of your hand. Measuring the size is really easy. Put the measuring tape at the tip of the middle finger and drag it down to the end of the palm. That whole area is the size of your hand. Now you can easily convert this measurement to proper grip size. But these figures are not always exact to choose a grip.

Standard Vs Mid Size Grips

Grips are always measured in diameter, you can check the size of your grip by looking at the top of a grip. There is a number written there that tells you the size of that grip. The midsize grip is 1/16 inches bigger in size as compared to the standard golf grip. Looking at both of these sizes, you will find no such difference in size, but holding them in your hands will absolutely tell you which one is larger.

Most people are unaware that choosing the best grip can make their gaming better. You need a custom golf grip if you feel that your hands are larger or smaller as compared to average. You can easily change and adjust the golf grip. Having a proper golf grip will make things easier for you. 

Standard size Grip

Many people use standard size golf grips because this size works great with their hands. If you love to wear medium or large-size gloves, then standard size is best to choose. You can determine the size also and select the best-suited grip that fits in your hands. If you have a measurement of 7 to 8 3/4 inches, then choose the standard size. This size will fit any golf club easily.

The standard size golf grip provides better control and feel of the club. It is a better option for those golfers who slice to release their club often. The standard size grip is more ideal for experienced and old golfers.

Midsize grip

The midsize grip is best for those golfers which have a large hands and wear oversized gloves. It is also the best size to choose for players having arthritis. Measurement around 8 to 9 inches is well suited to use midsize golf grip. It is noticeably thicker as compared to standard size. It helps in getting clubface square at the impact. If you don’t know about the size of your hand, you can use a midsize grip. If you have smaller hands, a midsize grip will relieve grip pressure for you. It is the best choice for players having hand pain and arthritis. It provides a better feel to every golf player.

Effect of Grip Tape

The Midsize grip is actually going to be larger in the hands as compared to a standard grip. Standard golf grip can be built up using grip tape. With a Midsize grip, you are left with a certain width. You can also imitate that by building up tape underneath. With one wrap of tape underneath, you will not get the same diameter as you would gain with a midsize golf grip. You may have to use two or three tapes, depending on what type of grip tape you use. With grip tape, you can also adjust how your hands work. Some players like more tape under one hand, it is all personal preference. But the width of your grip determines how much your hands play into the gear rotation of that club. So, it’s all up to you to decide how much width you would go for.

The thickness of the Grips

You should hit the shots with both of these grips to see which grip thickness is fit for your hands. Notice which one gives the best consistent shots and helps you deliver the best results in your game. The grip thickness is an issue among other issues of a perfect grip, i.e., lie angle, length, flex. But the grip thickness is something that is really easy to fix. You can get those grips changed over any golf shop, and the guy there should offer some good advice about what thickness is best for you. You can also hit some shots with different thicknesses to see how thick your grips should be.

What happens when you choose the Wrong size Grip?

If you use big golf grips, you will feel that your hands are not in perfect position on your club. You will not feel good no matter how many times you grip and regrip the club. You may feel as the club is slipping out of your hands when you swing it. This happens because your fingers have not wrapped the body of the grip properly. As a result, you will get less control which causes quite different shots than you’re trying to hit.

Using smaller golf grips will also cause problems. To establish a solid and powerful connection with the club, you will grip the club with more force. So when your grip is too tight, you will not hit the shots properly. Also, it causes the golfers to swing a little faster sometimes.


It is up to you to take a look at your golf clubs and select the best grip size for your hand. As we have mentioned, the midsize grip is 1/16 inches larger than the standard size, and you will also feel this difference once you use them. Professional golf players use both standard and midsize golf grips. It is important for you to choose the size that perfectly fits your hands to become a pro. Grip size plays a very vital role in your gameplay. So, choose the size that provides you the best feel, control, and comfort to your hands when playing different shots.