Basic Golf Rules for Beginners

Last Updated on September 4, 2022 by Ale Monti

Golf is a most-liked and an old game which has lots of rules. It may be difficult for amateur golfers to learn its complicated rules in the very beginning. But here, we are discussing the basic golf rules for beginners in an easily understandable manner.

Basic golf rules for beginners

Every game comes with certain rules, and the same is the case with golf. To fully enjoy this remarkable game, you have to be very disciplined, dedicated, and focused and must adhere to the rules. By knowing the basics, you can avoid any penalty, which often results from ignorance of rules.

Moreover, if you are serious about this game and want to become a professional golfer, knowing the rules is necessary. It will help you to be successful in less time. Because when you are aware of the do’s and don’ts of a game, you will not risk practicing forbidden acts. Ultimately, you’ll be taking only those steps that can make you a successful golfer in lesser time.

Basic Golf Rules

Following are the basic golf rules for beginners that will give you an initial understanding of the game. Have a look at these rules to know what this game is about. It will help you to plan the strategy of your gameplay. 

Rules about Clubs

You can take a maximum of 14 clubs with you on the course. If you have any extra club, leave it in the car. Otherwise, you may receive a penalty for each hole in which you are using the 15th club. However, there is a maximum count for clubs but not any minimum number. So, it’s up to you how many clubs you want to put in your bag when leaving for a competitive round.

Rules about Balls

When you start a hole with a ball, it is a must to finish it with the same ball. It is allowed to change the ball after the holes but not during a hole. But if the ball is lost somewhere, only then you can use another ball. 

Rules about Teeing Ground

Keep it in your mind that if the ball drops down the tee before you hit it, it’s not considered a shot. Put the ball back on the tee and focus on your game, not on the lame jokes the surrounding people are cracking as hilarious ones.

But if you swing the ball but can’t make it throw away, it will be counted as a shot. You can’t put the ball back on the tee if it falls from the wind your movement created. Now you have to hit the ball from its current position because its falling off will be reviewed as your first shot. So, in this situation, when you have made your first shot unintentionally, be ready to play your second shot.

Don’t stand inside the teeing ground when others are playing. It will be a distraction for them. Be invisible from your friend’s peripheral vision till the time he makes a hit. 

Rules During the Play

You have to play the ball in the same position it is lying on the ground. It is forbidden to move or kick the ball to an excellent hitting spot. Please don’t use a tee in the fairways for teeing up the ball; you can only use it in the tee box. 

Don’t bend or break the branches to make your swing comfortable. Never try to press the ground behind the ball with your club or foot to make it flat. Only you can stamp the tee for the first shot. 

You can’t hit the ball for practice during the play, but you can make a swing to warm up in the fresh air. While on the ground, you can hit a stone but not a golf ball. 

Hit the ball when it is still, not at the moment when it is moving, because it makes counting the penalties and shots difficult. If the ball is in the water only then, you can hit that moving ball. 

It’s important to identify your ball before making a shot because hitting another ball will get you a penalty. If you hit your other ball, you’ll receive a two-stroke penalty, so be cautious!

Rules about Greens

If you find gravel, stones, leaves, sand, or other impediments on the round, you can remove them. Moreover, you can make the putting line perfect by fixing the spark mark or ball mark. But it doesn’t allow you to test the green’s surface through rubbing or scraping by hand because it’s wrong.

You have to wait for 10 seconds when your putt stops next to the hole. If it goes in within that time, it’s ok; otherwise, that drop will be considered a shot.  

One more thing, be careful about standing on the green when other players are hitting the ball. Please don’t become a hindrance in their ball’s passage. Carefully notice from where the other player’s ball will pass and stay away from that line. 

Rules about Conversating with Other Golfers

Only the person you can ask for advice is your caddie, not any other player. But if you are eager to learn from other players, listen to what they discuss before hitting the ball.

As you can’t ask other golfers for advice, the same is the case with giving advice. You can only share your knowledge with your partner but not with anyone else. Even if someone asks for help, you can’t break that rule, no matter how close they are to your heart.


If you want to play this “Gentlemen’s Game” then you must know even its minute details. But at the start, learn the basic rules of golf for beginners to get into the game. These rules will help you get on the right track rapidly, and you’ll sound like a professional golfer. 

Try to abide by the rules and avoid the forbidden things to save yourself from penalties because it will also spoil your image and decrease your morale. So, it would be best to give your best and control the game by implementing the rules.