How Long to Play 18 Holes of Golf

Last Updated on September 4, 2022 by Ale Monti

Are you an amateur golfer and want to explore how long to play 18 holes of golf? Here in this guide, we will explain all the essential aspects of the game you should be aware of to become a pro.

On average, 4 hours are required to complete 18 holes. But keep in mind that there are multiple factors responsible for finishing the holes in less time. Such factors include players’ skill level, size of the course and group, spaces among the holes, and how difficult the course is.  

How long to play 18 holes of golf

An average golfer plays a 5400 yards course according to an estimated average of 208 yards single hits. Let’s assume it is 6000 yards to give you an edge. 6000 yards are equal to 18000 feet which is also equal to 3.4 miles. But we will count it 5 miles keeping the difficulty of the course in mind. If you can walk 3 miles per hour, you can play 18 holes in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

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Out of Control Factors

Some factors are not under the control of a golfer. And if you are a new golfer, then such factors may bother you a lot. 

1. Course Difficulty

The difficulty of the golf course can lengthen the time of the round. If the course is difficult then an average golfer has to face more time out and higher scores. Courses with tree-lined fairways, various water hazards, and out-of-bounds will make completing around much harder. The green speeds also make the completion of rounds harder for some golfers because many new golfers find fast greens much annoying.

2. Weather Conditions   

The pace of the game disturbs much due to the weather conditions. Wind, temperature, and rain are the huge factors determining the pace of your play. The ball flies higher on warmer days because drier weather is best for striking it afar. 

On cool days, you have to wear more clothes to keep yourself warm, which may limit your swing speed. The same is the case with rain which can prolong your round’s duration. Holding the umbrella and looking for a towel to dry your hands or glove can waste a lot of your time. So, keep on practicing in different weather conditions; it will help you play 18 holes efficiently.

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Strategies to play 18 Holes Rapidly

By making minor changes in your strategies, you can reduce the time that you are recently spending in playing 18 holes. 

1. Group’s Size

If you are paying as a team of four players, it will obviously be a longer gaming session. Your team will complete the round in four or five hours. So, if you lessen the number of golfers, automatically, there will be a reduction in waiting time. That will let you finish the game in just two hours. 

2. Complete Holes in Less Time

Professionals can complete a hole in 10 minutes, while an average golfer may do it in 15 minutes. When we count this time in the context of 18 holes, it becomes 3 to 4½ hours. You have to try to improve your golfing skills to decrease the time of one hole completion ultimately. 

3. Riding Instead of Walking

No doubt machines are faster than humans, that’s why you should ride golf carts instead of walking in the course. This way, you can easily get to the ball or find it. Using a cart, you can finish the round in 3 to 4½ hours, while walking can take this time to 5 hours. 

Another benefit of using a cart is that you’ll not be over fatigued by walking and standing all the time. A golf cart will be a blessing on hot summer afternoons because walking will make you sweat and exhausted. 

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4. Develop Skills

No doubt, playing foursome can be time-consuming, but if you are highly skilled, nothing can stop you from playing 18 holes easily. Try to be efficient in shooting around or at the par to get perfect over time. You can get done with 18 holes in 3 hours conveniently, even if you’re walking through the course. 

5. Use the Right Tees 

It is more important to use the right tees according to your driving ability and skill. Otherwise, you’ll face much difficulty playing 18 holes because it is not as easy as it seems. Never mistake using back tees if you seldom break 100 and are not good at long-hitting.

Here is a very simple formula that will help you better understand the course’s length. Multiply your average driving distance by 25; it will give you an estimate of the course’s length. So, a 6250 yards course is quite enough for a person with 250 yards of driving ability.

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6. Take Small Break

Obviously, golf is a demanding game and makes the players tired. You can take a break after nine holes at a pro shop or clubhouse to have some snacks or drinks. It would be much appropriate not to spend more time eating or drinking. If you can manage less than 5 minutes for such breaks, it is too good. 

7. Length of Each Hole

 Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5 are the different sorts of holes in the golf course. Are you a new golfer and want to know how much time each hole requires for completion? If you want your foursome to finish 18 holes in 4 hours, make sure you complete Par 3 in 10 minutes. For Par 4, the timing is 13 minutes, while for Par 5, it’s 16 minutes. Try to reach the other hole within 6 minutes to minimize the overall playtime.