How Does a Laser Rangefinder Work

Last Updated on August 11, 2023 by Ale Monti

A laser rangefinder is a handheld device that measures the distance between the rangefinder and a specified target with laser technology. These rangefinders are used in construction, hunting, photography, and in golf games. So how does a laser rangefinder work? It emits laser light that strikes the target and reflects back. The rangefinder calculates the time the light takes to hit the target and comes back to the rangefinder and displays the distance measurement on the screen.

How does laser rangefinder works

Laser rangefinder makes measuring distances a matter of seconds and aid in making informed decisions in every field they are used. As you know the main purpose of golf vela is golf accessories and tips and tricks to enhance your performance in golf, let’s discuss how a laser rangefinder works in the golf game.

How Does a Laser Rangefinder Work in Golf

Besides the general working mechanism of a laser rangefinder, let’s discuss it for our community, the golfers.

Target the Flag

The aim of the laser rangefinder in golf is the flag. No matter where on the golf course you see the flagstick, aim your laser rangefinder toward it and the rangefinder will do the rest.

Emits Laser Pulses

After you point the laser rangefinder toward the flagstick, press the button so it starts working. The rangefinder will emit the laser light that travels to the flagstick and comes back.

Time Measurement

The laser rangefinder measures the time when the laser light left the rangefinder, reached the flagstick, and reflected back to the rangefinder.

Time Delay Measurement

When the rangefinder receives the reflected laser light from the flagstick, it measures the actual time it takes for the light to travel to the flagstick and back to the rangefinder.

Distance Calculation

Now the machine works on the speed of the light and the time delay and calculates the distance from the rangefinder to the flagstick.

Distance Display

The laser rangefinder displays the calculated distance on the display screen. You may choose your preferable distance measuring unit for the purpose, i.e., miles or meters.

Additional Information

If your laser rangefinder is compatible enough, it will display the incline or decline angle information to the target with the distance calculated. This way, you will hit the golf ball more precisely. However, it is better to follow the rules and regulations of golf games in the area you are playing and only invest in a compliant laser golf rangefinder.

Which Laser Rangefinder to Use in Golf?

A popular laser rangefinder for golfers will be the one that offers precise distance measurement besides other benefits. We will tell you two in-demand choices of laser rangefinders among pro golfers. You can choose one according to your preferences and golf rules in your part of the world.

Standard Laser Rangefinders

The standard laser rangefinders are budget friendly and do not contain any slope features. If you invest in a standard laser rangefinder you are safe to use it in tournaments in any part of the world. They offer precise distance measurements and are the favorite of golfers who prefer simple devices in their golf gear.

Slope Enabled Laser Rangefinders

There are elevation changes in the golf course so you have to plan uphill or downhole shots. Slope-enabled laser rangefinders provide adjusted distance measurements taking into account the slopes on the way. They offer precise measurements and help you plan the shot accurately. However, they are not allowed in a few tournaments but you can use them in your practice sessions.

There is no need to invest in a standard laser rangefinder if you already have a slope-enabled one, just switch off the slope mode and you are good to go in a tournament. They are a bit costly compared to the standard laser rangefinders but their benefits are worth the investment.

Benefits of Laser Rangefinders in Golf

This section discusses the benefits of having a laser rangefinder overall, and precisely in the golf game.

Accurate Measurements

Laser rangefinders offer accurate measurements on the golf course and if you invest in a slope-enabled laser rangefinder it will be a plus. It improves your decision-making and ultimately your performance in the game.

Strategize Your Game

When you know the exact distance to the target you can better make a game strategy. You can plan each shot keeping into account the hazards in the golf course, plantation, etc. When you make informed decisions right before starting the game, the results are tremendous.

Ease of Use

Using a laser rangefinder is the most simple task of playing golf in our opinion. Just take it out of your golf bag, point it toward the flagstick, and press the button. It will do the rest and you will get the precise distance to the target in a few seconds. When you know the exact distance, you can focus more on your game plan and the shots you are about to play.

Quick Results

When you have a laser rangefinder, calculating the distance to the target is a matter of seconds. It saves you time estimating the distance to the flagsticks manually.


Laser rangefinders for golf are lightweight and compact. You can carry them easily in your golf bag. Some of them are even so small that you can easily put them in your pocket. Their portability also improves their ranking on the list of must-have gear in the golf bag.

Boost Confidence

When golfers know the exact distance to the target, they play the shot more confidently. Also, with time when they hit the target precisely, their improved performance makes them believe in themselves.

Practicing Clubs

New golfers don’t know which club to use according to a specific distance shot. When they know the exact distance, they can experience the shot with different clubs and choose which one suits them for different distance ranges.

No Subscription Fee

Some golfers prefer GPS golf rangefinders that require a subscription fee and are compatible with limited golf courses. On the other hand, laser rangefinders are compatible to offer precise decision measurements on any golf course in the world.

Slope Adjustment

Slope-enabled laser rangefinders offer precise distance measurements to the next level that ultimately improves your game. However, this slope technology is optional in laser rangefinders and is not tournament legal.


Laser rangefinders are an integral part of the golf game. Choose wisely when you are about to buy one. We believe investing in a slope-enabled laser rangefinder will be a good choice. It will make you practice better and you can use the same in the tournaments by switching off the slope mode. Ask us if you have any queries regarding the laser rangefinders and we will get back to you.