What Size Golf Grips Do I Need?

Last Updated on August 27, 2023 by Ale Monti

Many golfers take time to improve because they’re holding the golf club with the wrong grip size majority of the time. This can make it hard for them to hit the ball accurately and swing well. If your hands are hurting after playing golf, even while wearing gloves, chances are you got the wrong grip size on your hands.

Here’s a simple way to measure for golf grips: Go to a golf club shop and hold the golf club’s handle. Pay attention to your two middle fingers – they should lightly touch your palm for the right grip size. If your fingers press too much into your palm, the grip is too small. If your fingers don’t touch your palm at all and are on the grip material, the size is too large.

What size golf grip do i need

This method will let you know which size golf grip you need. To learn more about different grip sizes, you can read further to become familiar with them.

Measure the Right Size Of Golf Grip 

 There are four golf grip sizes; Undersize, Standard, Midsize, and Oversize or Jumbo. For hands smaller than 5 inches, there’s an additional size called Junior. You can find the right golf grip size for you by using a table in two simple ways. You can match it with either your glove size or measure from the bend in your hand to your fingertips. 

As glove size can vary depending on the brand, we’ve also added how to measure hand size for golf grips through the length from crease to fingertips. Furthermore, we have added some grip sizes that we use for improving golf with the correct grip size. 

Crease to fingertips Glove size Recommended grip size Recommended golf grips 
1.< 5″Kids Large Junior Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip
2.5″ to 6.5″Men’s Small / Women’s Small/ Medium/ Medium Large Undersize SAPLIZE CC01 Golf Grips
3.6.6″ to 7.5″Men’s Medium/ Medium Large/  Women’s LargeStandard Lamkin Crossline Swinging Grips
4.7.6″ to 9″Men’s LargeMidsize Winn DriTac Lite Midsize
5. 9.1″ to 10″Men’s XL or larger Jumbo Golf Pride MCC Plus4

Making Custom Golf Grip Size 

Is a standard golf grip too small but a midsize grip too big for you? Then, we recommend putting more layers of tape to get the right grip size. It’s nothing out-of-the-box, as many professional golfers like to add extra tape under their grips. They do this to add durability, but you can do this to get the right golf grip size.

Add 4 layers of Adhesive tape or Adhesive strips on standard golf grip size. This way, you can change a small grip to a regular one, a regular grip to a bigger one, and so on. Just remember, using extra tape will make the grip feel harder because it stretches the rubber. 

Difference Between Golf Grip Sizes 

Are you still unsure about the size of golf grips you need? Here’s how each grip size caters to players with varying hand sizes, swing styles, and comfort preferences.  

Junior Grips

Junior Grips aren’t common in professional golfers as they are for young golfers with smaller hands. These are more manageable and provide improved comfort. This way, female or young golfers can improve in swinging and spinning the ball.

Undersized Grips

    If you’re looking for better control over your shots, undersized grips might be your choice. While testing with smaller, we got precise club control, accurate aiming, and reliable shots. While shaping golf shots that curve to the left or right these are really helpful. Using smaller grips allows you to move your hands and the club in a way that makes these curves more easily.

    Our test which we did for golf vela concluded that these have the highest club speed, ball speed, and a low spin rate. This results in the ball going up in the air at a medium angle and flying the farthest distance.

    Standard-Sized Grips

    Standard grip sizes are the most common and strike a balance between control and comfort. These grips are suitable for players with average hand sizes and provide a versatile feel that works well for various shots.

    They’re often considered the “in-between” choice, suitable for a wide range of people due to their moderate size. Our test showed that using Standard grips results in a medium club speed, ball speed, and launch angle, and the ball travels an average distance.

    Midsize Grips

    For players who move their hands a lot when they swing, using midsize grips can help. These grips are a bit bigger than regular ones, and they stop your hands from moving too much. This makes your swings smoother and adds spin without requiring extra swing power. 

    While using midsize grips, our joints didn’t get sore as with Jumbo ones. They spread out the pressure on your hands and make you feel better. If you have big hands and want more softness and comfort, midsize grips are a good idea. You can also read about the best golf grips for big hands.

    Oversized or Jumbo Grips

    Oversized grips are also called jumbo grips, and they’re the biggest ones you can get. They’re super soft and are great for players who feel pain in their hands. Just like midsize ones, they stop hands and wrists from moving too much while swinging.

     We found that these have the slowest club speed and ball speed but the highest ball spin rate.  This way, the ball goes up really high in the air but not very far. 

    Overall, you get better control, and your hands feel relaxed. If you usually hold the club very tightly, these bigger grips can help you hold it more loosely. This can make your swings smoother, and you’ll be able to aim better.


    Picking the right grip size can help your golf game. Think about your hand size, how you play, and what feels comfortable. This will lead you to the grip size that improves your control, accuracy, and overall performance on the golf course.

    • Who Should Get Undersized Grips: If you want precise control and have small hands, go for undersized grips. They help you make accurate shots and control the club better. These grips are good for shaping shots and keeping your swing consistent.
    • Who Should Get Standard or Regular Size Grips: If your hands are of average size, standard grips are a good choice. They balance control and comfort, working well for different playing styles. Golfers who love hitting a variety of shots will love this.
    • Who Should Get Midsize or Jumbo Grips: If you have big hands or prefer a relaxed grip, try Midsize or Jumbo grips. They stabilize your hold and reduce extra hand movement. Jumbo grips are extra soft and great for comfort, especially if you have hand pain.


    1. How to Find the Right Grip Size Using Your Glove?

    One thing to remember is that glove size might help you choose the grip size. But keep in mind glove sizes can change depending on the brand; check the above-mentioned table.  

    2. Who Should Use Medium-Sized Golf Grips?

    If your hands measure between 7.6 to 9 inches from your palm’s base to the tip of your middle finger, medium-sized golf grips are for you. They can also work for people who wear Men’s L/XL or Cadet L/XL glove sizes.

    3. What’s the Difference Between Regular and Medium-Sized Golf Grips?

    Medium-sized grips are just a bit bigger. They are about 1/16 inch more than regular grips. This might not sound like much, but a true golfer can tell the change in how the grip feels in the hands.

    4. What Happens If Your Golf Grips Are Too Big?

    If your golf grips are too big, it might be tough to turn your hands well when you hit the ball. This could make the clubface stay open and cause right-handed players to hit shots to the right in a weak way. Your bottom hand needs to move easily to hit shots with the clubface in the right position.

    5. How Can You Tell If Your Grips Are Too Small?

    You’ll notice if your grips are too small when your fingers wrap around the club too much and get in the way of your hand. Your shots might also curve too much to the left or have trouble going high in the air. This can show that your hands are working too much to close the clubface and make the shots go the way they shouldn’t.

    6. Do oversize grips improve your golf game?

    It depends on the players; some players love bigger grips and believe they make a difference in golf. According to our tests, they’re more forgiving and easier to hold. For guys, a medium-weight jumbo grip is a good choice, while for ladies, a lighter medium-weight midsize grip works well.