How to Break 90 in Golf | Tips for Beating at course

Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by Kristen Ellis

With modern golf equipment and techniques, you can become a pro in less time than before. But if you still have a query about how to break 90 in golf, let us define it. Golf is demanding, so you must strive to achieve absolute excellence. But it’s also a fact that along with personal struggles, a few game management skills can also bring about a great chance of winning.   

How to break 90 in golf

Just making your mind break a 90 can lead to a considerable difference in your attitude and practice routine. You must plan the entire game before starting, play efficient shots, and consistently practice to boost your golfing career. Then, no one can stop you from going high up to break 90 in lesser time than you think. You can also learn how to break 80 easily.

Golf Tips To Break 90

A few minor tricks can let you break 90 within no time. Let’s have a look at them.

Warm-up is Essential

Warm-up is essential for every game. Giving your body time to prepare for the game would be best. Start the warm-up session by hitting some strokes on the range and then roll some putts for 15-20 minutes. It will give a boost to your mental and physical ability. Moreover, it will give you an idea of how the ball will behave that day. 

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Per round, try some blowups 

Making mistakes is not worth worrying about because it teaches you how to avoid them again. There is no need to find fairways; swing how you feel comfortable. It will help you understand how to stroke consistently and in which manner.  

Play Freely

If you want to score high, avoid aggression before entering the course. Don’t focus on how your round will look; only try to break 90. It means no need to show massive strokes, save yourself from the golf courses’ worst areas, or pin-seeking approach shots. Be committed to the game’s style, which requires you to limit the double and triple bogeys. And that is the most challenging task for many amateur golfers. 

Practice Plan to Break 90

Breaking 90 is not solely dependent on your decision-making to proceed ahead in your gameplay, but it asks for extensive practice. The more you practice, the faster you can break 90 in golf. You must develop such skills of pulling off the required shots to score high. Ultimately it will boost your confidence and will let you conquer the world of golf in a very short time.

Spending more time on the course is not enough. It would be best to plan accurately, prepare for mental and physical practice, and hit scoring shots to become a pro.  

Keep Your Nerves Controlled

Controlling your mind is much essential for breaking 90 in golf. If you play with a focused mind and proper mindset, achieving the desired goal is not a big issue. So, make sure you go to the course with a calm and peaceful mind. To keep your mind calm and in good health, you can use the best fitness tracker for golf, which will tell you about your health and advice you.

Before starting the game, keep all routine stresses miles away from you. Play with a positive approach, and if you’re not performing up to the mark, don’t get upset instantly. Relax your mind and body to hit precisely because, under high pressure, you cannot strike excellent shots. So, keep yourself calm if you’re aiming to play accurately. 

Choose the Correct Tees

There is no hard and fast rule for using the tees. What if other golfers are using longer tees, but you are comfortable with shorter ones? You can use short tees in social rounds to score well and make others enjoy the game.

By using the right tees, you can break 90 relatively faster. But you might be thinking about how to select the correct tees. It’s too simple to get the right one. Multiple average drive distances with 28 to get the maximum yardage. 

Estimate your Hitting Potential

Using a rangefinder to know the exact distance lets you choose the right club to hit greens efficiently. Accept your deficiency if you can hit 165 yards with your seven iron though it is meant for 175 yards. You should know your exact capability for all the clubs placed in your golf bag. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses clearly, you can score far better than performing recently. 

Try the Par 70 Golf Course

Breaking 90 is not as difficult as it seems. It happens because your mental barrier doesn’t let you believe in yourself and your abilities. If you break 90 once, then it will become your routine. By choosing par 70, you are set free to hit 19 over for 89. It offers two extra strokes than par 72, which require 17 over to make you break 90.

Play with Excellent Golfers

It’s always important to watch your competitors and surroundings to achieve a successful goal. Find a better group of golfers other than your friends. It will give you an idea about what they are doing differently than you, which made them break 90.

By watching them play enthusiastically, you’ll pay attention to every minute detail of your shots. Close observation will let you approach holes the way they do. In other words, you’ll get a live example to be followed to bring considerable change. 


Be relaxed if you want to know how to break 90 in golf when stuck somewhere in 70 or 80. It is not as difficult as you think. It is more of a mental game. First, change your mind that says it is hard to break 90. Then focus on your game strategies, and observe other professional golfers to see what is lacking in your performance. Then comes the significant changes in your gameplay.

Play how you feel comfortable instead of thinking about par or bogey and stressing how others would analyze your shots. Little gadgets like using a rangefinder, appropriate tees, and picking a par 70 course can make your dream come true in a shorter time.