How long do Golf Grips Take To Dry?

Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Ale Monti

Finding the best time for golf grips to dry after changing them can prepare you for the next golf game. For that, you must know the estimated drying time of regripped golf grips. The answer is that it depends and ranges from 2 to 48 hours. 

Professional golf regripping services give you the time of 24-48 hours for the golf grips to fully dry. The time changes depending on what the grips are made of and what type of regripping method you have used.

How long do Golf Grips Take To Dry?

For a quicker option, try the rubbing alcohol method to regrip golf clubs; it dries in just 2 hours. However, it’s a bit complex, so we suggest it only if you’re short on time. The top recommended approach for regripping is using golf grip solvents. It takes around 24 hours when done professionally, but we have tested out golf grips that dry within 2 to 4 hours. 

Or you can eliminate drying time by using an air compressor to install golf grips. For better accessibility, we’ve also given DIY drying options like alcohol rubbing or paint thinner. Let’s begin by seeing how various golf grip materials affect drying time. You can read in details about changing golf grips about vise.

Understanding Regripping Methods And Drying Time

Golf clubs have different parts, but the grips are the ones that wear out the quickest because they are the most-used part. Regripping golf clubs is a much-needed and inevitable procedure you have to go through. 

Instead of buying new clubs, you can make your old ones feel like new by changing the grips. It’s worth it as after that; your golf clubs feel nice in your hands and last long.

Testing Golf Grip Dryness:

The drying time for regripped golf clubs depends on the method and materials used in the process. There are two main ways to change golf club grips. Each method takes a different amount of time for the grips to dry. Different solvents have varying evaporation rates, affecting how quickly the grip dries. Here are some common solvents and their average drying times: 

  1. Solvent and Glue Method: One way is to use a golf grip glue solvent that sticks the grip to the club. You also need an adhesive tape that is activated through glue solvent. This method takes some time; it can take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours for the grip to fully dry and stay on securely. We recommend waiting for two to three hours longer than the specified drying time given on your glue solvent. This will help ensure a secure grip.
  2. Double-Sided Tape Method: Another way is to use sticky tape that sticks the grip to the club when you add water. This method is faster than using a solvent, but you still have to wait a bit. It usually takes between 2 and 6 hours for the grip to dry. Even though it’s quicker, you still need to wait for it to be completely ready.

Factors Affecting Drying Time:

How long you need to wait depends on how you put the grip on. The different materials used to install golf grips affect drying time. For instance, using an air compressor eliminates the waiting period entirely. So, for drying in the blink of an eye, use an air compressor or use the above methods, which are more accessible but take a bit more time. 

Or try Wedge Guys Professional Golf Grip Tape Solvent. Despite the advertised 20-minute drying time, our tests showed that it’s best to wait at least 2 hours for a secure grip. This way, you’ll get a dried golf grip in only 2 hours by using a professional regripping method. 

DIY Solutions For Drying Golf Grips

This is for the DIY enthusiasts who love golfing and keeping things cost-effective. Here are two solvents you can use for regripping. We’ve also added the drying time so you can estimate the waiting time before going off to court. 

If you’re using paint thinner, just keep in mind that it dries in about 8 hours. It’s also a wallet-friendly alternative to actual golf-grip solvents. However, due to its flammable and toxic nature, it’s crucial to work in a well-ventilated area. 

Just use paint thinner in place of solvent. To re-grip your golf clubs, remove the old grip and clean the shaft. Then apply grip tape, and slide on the new grip after treating it with paint thinner. Let it dry in a warm room for at least eight hours before using it on the course.

Use rubbing alcohol only if it’s a matter of urgency. Rubbing alcohol dries even faster, typically within 2 hours. In this method, you have to adjust the new grip’s position quickly as it evaporates quickly. It’s complicated, so not many people use it, but here’s how to use this method if you’re interested. Do the same as given in paint thinner, just put alcohol instead of paint thinner and be quick!  

Do Not Use Wet Golf Grips! 

A tip from us is to set the timer for drying time to maximum instead of minimum. There’s no point in installing new golf grips if they aren’t dried properly, so it’s worth the wait. Take it from us; here’s what happens if you use wet golf grips:

  • Grip Gets Loose: Wet grips can make your hands slip, which is bad for your shots and improvement.
  • Feels Weird: Comfort is important and with soft grips, it’s hard to get into the zone for golfing. Wet grips can become rough or uneven, which isn’t comfortable.
  • Hard to Control: The reason for new grips is the traction which is lost when you touch a wet golf grip. This can mess up your swing and make your shots go in the wrong direction. 
  • Less durable: If you don’t wait for dry golf grips and start using them, they won’t last. You’ll need to go through the procedure of regripping golf clubs after two weeks of use.

How to Know When Golf Clubs Are Dry?

That being said, Here’s how you can know when your golf clubs are dry and safe to use. When the grip feels the same as you touch it and its shape stays the same, that’s a sign it’s dry. 

If there aren’t any wet or shiny spots on the grip, it means all the moisture is gone. Overall, it should feel solid and not squishy. These signs will show that the grip has stuck well to the club’s shaft and is fully dried. 

Tips to Speed Up The Drying Of Golf Grips

So, by now, you must have known how much time it takes for golf grips to dry because you’re eager to get back on the golf course. Aside from air compressor, here are several methods you can employ to speed up the drying process:

  • Choose Fast-Drying Solvents: Opt for solvents like rubbing alcohol that have shorter drying periods compared to other options.
  • Warm Environment: Place your golf clubs in a warm room to promote faster drying. We recommend laying the grips in direct sunlight for a few hours. 
  • Use Air Blower or Hair Dryer: By using these both on low-heat to warm speed, you can fasten the drying process of golf grips. 

Final Words 

Whether you choose the liquid or sticky tape method, it’s important to wait until the grip is properly dry before using the club. Wet grips lead to poor performance and limited durability of golf clubs. At golf vela our advice is to wait overnight, at least for the best-secured grip. Or just use the air compressor method if it’s accessible to you.