Why oversize golf grips improve your game? | Large & Jumbo Size effects

why over size grip can improve your game

A golf grip is a necessary element for the golfer. What are the benefits of oversize golf grips? Does oversize grip improve your game? All these points will be discussed in this article. Nowadays, large golf grips are popular among golfers as they have some benefits, and more oversized grips improve your game too. Mostly, … Read more

How Long Does a Round of Golf Take

Whether you’re a novice golfer or have been on the pitch for a long time, you must wonder how long a round of golf takes. The answer to this question is quite complicated because some factors are involved. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete an 18-hole game, but some aspects must be considered, as … Read more

How to Become a Golf Pro

A golf professional is a person who teaches other golfers or plays golf himself for his bread and butter. The golf pro term is not only used for golfers who are experts in playing this incredible game. Anyone could be a golf professional, from a resort or club’s manager to a coach who trains other … Read more

How to change golf grips without vise | Remove & Install Club at Home

How to change golf grip without a vise

A vise offers an easy solution to how to remove golf grips. However, it can be rather expensive to buy one. Consequently, many golfers adopt secondary solutions to replace their golf grips without using the vise. There are different available methods to apply grips without a vise. However, in each method, applying a new grip … Read more

How to use a golf rangefinder? How does Flag Distance Finder work?

how to use golf rangefinder

Before knowing how to use a golf rangefinder, it is necessary to understand what exactly a golf rangefinder is or what is a range finder? A golf rangefinder is an instrument used to measure the distance between the flag and the person who is playing golf. The golf rangefinder itself is small and easy to … Read more

Best Golf Watch App | Distance Finding Application for Android and iOS

Best golf watch apps

Having a Golf smartwatch and not using the right application for your golfing is melancholy. We have discussed some of the Best Golf watch apps in this guide to improve your golf gaming. Not only on your watch, you can also download these golf apps for your iOS and Android phones easily. The best golf … Read more

How Many Holes are there in a Full Round of Golf?

How Many Holes are there in a Full Round of Golf

Whether you’re a novice golfer or a professional, everyone in their life comes to this point where you surely need to know how many holes are in a full round of golf. It can be 18, 9, or 20, but the exact answer is 18. There are 18 holes in a full round of golf. … Read more

Best way to organize Golf Bag | Professional Clubs Arranging tips

Best way to organize golf bag

Do you know how professional golf players make their gaming better as compared to beginners and even amateur golfers? The reason is that they focus on the minute details of their game and associated aspects. There are so many things to focus on to make your golfing better and skillful. One really essential thing is … Read more

How to hold the putter? | Different Best Gripping Methods

How to hold a putter

The putter is also known as a club. It is primarily used in sports, the game of golf. The players use it to make shorts and low or high-speed strokes. The goal of using the putter is to roll the ball into the hole that is away from the hole. Most of the newbies don’t … Read more